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Alana & Yung Chinese Tea for a Devonshire Terrace London Wedding

“We absolutely love our Wedding videos, we can’t get enough of it and neither can our friends and family. The quality is absolutely outstanding and the day was captured so well. We hardly noticed the filming on the day, it was very smoothly done and professional. Thank you for making us feel like film stars on our big day! Cannot recommend them enough. Very creative in their work and their work speaks for themselves. “


Alana & Yung Chinese Tea for a Devonshire Terrace / Chinese Wedding Videographer London

On September 13th last year in the Autumn sunny day Alana and Young joined in matrimony. In the sight of their friends and family.The venue chosen for the marriage ceremony was Devonshire Terrace in London.

Firstly the couple stayed true to their roots with their choice of events and theme.


Although the ceremony had a contemporary and simple theme the rest of the couple’s special day. Paid tribute to their Chinese heritage.

Because the beautiful bride and handsome groom attended, as is tradition, the tea drinking ceremonies at their parents’ homes so as to pay respect and receive their blessing. Following the wedding ceremony the newlyweds and their family and friends. Were treat to a wonderful reception at the Phoenix Palace Restaurant.

Even if the oriental vibes of the reception might not seem enough to impress some, the dancing Chinese dragon must have done the trick. Either way, Alana and Young’s union celebrated their heritage and love and that is all that matters. It was clear that this was a truly special day that marked the start of their life together. It was a day worth witnessing.

Finally all of us here at HDMoments Chinese Wedding Videographer London want to wish the lucky couple a happy and prosperous wedding in the years to come.