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Kay & Juan – A dreamy Amalfi Coast Wedding

I feel incredibly blessed to be able to engage the services of HD moments for my wedding. Justina, Greg and Lukas are professional, respectful, friendly, meticulous in their preparation and planning and really easy to work with. I really believe that their work speaks for themselves. You really are in safe hands by having them as your videographers and is one thing less that you have to worry about when it comes to planning your wedding. I cannot recommend highly enough and I love the wedding videos. Thank you so much once again.


Let’s admit this in the beginning. We got into a dilemma while shooting for the Amalfi Coast wedding. We knew about the place and its scenic beauty and so we roamed around Ravello and captured its beauty in our camera before the wedding. The problem arose after we attended the wedding of Kay and Juan. They were such a lovely couple and the film Amalfi Coast wedding came out so nice that we couldn’t decide what to keep and not in the final version.

So, here you have a wedding video that highlights the Mediterranean landscape, the rugged cliffs, and the lime trees in full bloom along with the glimpses of the wedding.

You would find all the usual shots, like the bride getting ready, the wedding gown hanging from a hanger, the bride coming with her father but in a medley. With peppy music and different filming techniques, the wedding film Amalfi Coast looked nothing less than a movie.

Let’s introduce the bride and the groom now. Kay is a very sweet girl. The first thing that you would notice about her is her smile which is heartwarming. Juan is handsome, a simple guy who adores his bride. Together, they look like a perfect couple.


We decided to give the wedding video Amalfi Coast wedding a completely different treatment.


The bridesmaids were gorgeous. We loved the shot where they carried Kay’s gown through the alleys of Ravello.

We used a lot of silhouettes in this video. The tea ceremony holds a special significance in the oriental culture. We covered it elaborately along with the white clouds that dotted the sky. Kay wore a heavily embroidered red gown for the occasion. Needless to say, she looked like a princess. We followed the rituals as the guests enjoyed their tea and blessed Kay and Juan. They received a lot of gifts that day.

For the wedding, she chose a white gown along with a white headband that made her look even beautiful. Kay and Juan looked gorgeous that day. Flowers in different colors were used to decorate the tables.
Kay and Juan donned traditional outfits and looked cute in them. We captured them dancing in those outfits. The first dance was passionate and deserved special footage. We shot a major portion of the video outside, using the Mediterranean landscape as the backdrop.

Throughout the wedding film Italy, we used shots of the Mediterranean Sea, the cliffs, and even the pigeons who give this place a unique character.

We hope you have enjoyed the video as much as we have enjoyed shooting this Amalfi coast wedding. As wedding videographer Italy we wish Kay and Juan a life full of love and happiness.

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