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Chinese wedding video of Viviane and David – blending the old with the new traditions

Thank you very much for the wedding videos! We have enjoyed them very much!  You guys are so talented!


Firstly our profession as videographer London gives us a scope to know so many people and their traditions. Like, while shooting the Chinese wedding video of Viviane and David, we came to know of many Chinese traditions and rituals. Let’s check out the wedding video London of Viviane and David now.

Viviane and David –a lovely Chinese couple

Viviane and David make a lovely couple. She is a very sweet girl. She is not only beautiful but good natured too. Throughout the day, we found her smiling and talking to everyone around her. No doubt, her parents are very proud of her. David is a nice man. Handsome and cordial, he is the perfect partner for Viviane.

They got married at the Morden Hall, a quaint and beautiful place. The white building created a bright contrast with the verdant meadows. The place was elegantly decorated for the wedding. Since it was a sunny day, we took a lot of the shots of the couple outside. The streaming natural light has given these shots a nice look.

The chinese wedding video of Viviane and David

Life is like a flowing river. We witness different emotions at each new corner. We created the London wedding videography of Viviane and David as a collage of shots that relate to our daily lives. Here, you can find the groom checking his mobile or the girls busy decorating the tables. Then what makes life so special, you may ask. Well, the answer lies in our emotions that add life to the moments. So, you would see Viviane hugging her mother or kissing her groom passionately. Incidentally, we were lucky to be present there to capture all these moments through our camera. We know many years later when the couple would see this video, they would fondly remember these moments and smile.

Let’s come back to the chinese wedding video and join the couple in the celebration. The tea ceremony is an integral part of every Chinese wedding and therefore, in this wedding also it was performed. Viviane wore a traditional Chinese dress for the occasion. Heavily embroidered in golden and red, she looked resplendent in it. The guests enjoyed their tea and blessed the couple. This was a great occasion to show love and respect.

In this regard, I must mention that Viviane is quite fashion conscious. She wore several dresses throughout the day and dazzled in each of them. As for example, for the wedding, she chose a beautiful white gown that suited her fair complexion. With the white veil and lovely flowers in her hair, she looked very elegant. For the evening, she wore a red dress along with a string of pearls around her neck. She looked gorgeous in it.

Finally we wish Viviane and David a happy married life on behalf of wedding videography London. We hope they enjoy their life together.