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Destination Wedding Videography Monica & Chris

Destination Wedding Videography said. On a bright summers day the awe inspiring Bieszczady Mountains bared witness to the love and commitment of Monica and Chris.


The couple said their vows right under the comforting shade of a tree. This meadow, these trees, this is all were it all start. Deep in these magical mountains under the same tree is where Chris master the courage to ask Monica’s hand in marriage. It is only fit that the happy couple join their lives here.

The lucky groom has made the mistake of thinking that this magical place is what persuaded Monica to say yes. That is not true. The magic that surrounds this scenery is only there for those that are able to see it. Monica is not woo by the Bieszczady Mountains, she see the beauty of this place only because she have the right person to share it with.

That is why she said yes. It is stories like this of Monica and Chris that make mountains and forests magical.


On that bright summers day in the presence their closest friends and family. Monica and Chris embarked on a journey leaving behind once again this memorable meadow to make new memories. The newlyweds might have their home thousands of miles away in the United Kingdom. Although it is certain that the memories of this place will always remain close to their hearts and minds.

Congratulations and thank you, for asking us to be there. The only thing left to say does not come from our lips but from Chris.

“I love her so much, I hope that what has started here, and what is new, will last and last and last.”

All of us from HD Moments Destination Wedding Videography wish that your love will last the test of time even better than the Bieszczady Mountains.