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Colorful & Energetic Froyle Park wedding of Patrice & Jay

Emotional. Colorful. Energetic. Thrilling. I can go on using adjectives to describe the Froyle Park wedding video of Patrice and Jay but still remain short of words. So, check their wedding video London and let us know what you think about it.

The Froyle Park wedding of Patrice and Jay

The Froyle Park wedding is a lovely place with lots of greenery. Patrice and Jay got married on a sunny day. The place was decorated with lots of flowers for the Froyle Park wedding. Soothing to the eye and mind, the place looked verdant. However, what added life to this wedding was the couple Patrice and Jay. Young, energetic, romantic, and emotional, they made their wedding day truly memorable with their heartfelt gestures.

Another striking part of this wedding videography was the traditional music and dance performed by the artists in which the guests also participated with enthusiasm.
Patrice, the bride wore a flowing white gown along with a white veil. She looked smart in her short haircut. Her smile needs special mention. Just look at her and you would know what I am saying. Gorgeous, warm, and so full of life, her smile lights up her entire face. Jay is a fine man. He is handsome and emotional. He loves his bride very much which was evident from his wedding speech.

A day filled with music and fun

The Froyle Park wedding of Patrice and Jay was a memorable event not only for the couple or the guests but for us also. As videographer London, we have never witnessed so much fun and excitement in any wedding. All the couple’s friends and relatives got together for snaps. We were happy to find such enthusiastic guests who made this wedding so special.

At the wedding, the relatives and friends of the couple wore traditional attires. With their colorful outfits, head scarves and lots of beaded jewelry, the venue looked like a carnival. They cheered the couple, blessed them and took part in the celebration. The artists gave some fiery performances with drums and other instruments. It was nice to see the couple, draped in their traditional costumes, dancing along with the guests.

More surprises awaited us at the reception where Patrice appeared in a sea-green dress, looking gorgeous as ever. There were dances, emotional wedding speeches and lots of fun.
We have created many wedding videography London but this one was unique because of the warmth and love we witnessed in it. We feel blessed to be a part of this celebration of love and togetherness and wish Patrice and Jay a happy married life.