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Great Fosters Wedding video of Hayley and Sean – a day marked by fun and frolic

Hd Moments are by far the best people in this business, *DO NOT CHOOSE ANYONE ELSE.* you have been warned!!!. I watch my wedding day at least twice a week ha. They captured it brilliantly and I feel like I relive it every time. Thank you guys for bringing my wedding day to life. You are amazing!


Some people don’t just live, they enjoy life. They fill every moment of their life with so much joy, happiness, and love that even life feels jealous of them. Hayley and Sean are two such people and we are lucky to know them. As their Great Fosters wedding videographer, we felt proud to witness their moments of joy and being a part of them.


Surrey wedding video – a grand union of souls

Surrey is a lovely place. For a photographer, it’s a paradise that everyone would dream of capturing in lenses. I didn’t miss the opportunity too. There are several shots of Great Fosters and its surrounding areas included in this album. The opening shot itself would give you an idea of how magnificent the place is.

Let’s move on. Did you see Hayley and Sean together? Don’t they look amazing? They are amazing people. Warm, kind, and full of energy, they make friends so easily. Hayley is beautiful with a slender body, lovely skin tone and a loving smile. However, it is her positivity that draws people towards her. She radiates positivity and makes people feel wonderful. You would find her always making fun, laughing and enjoying her life.

Sean is her perfect match with a warm personality. Together, they are like crackling fireworks. For the wedding, Hayley wore a white embroidered ballgown by Hayley Paige . With matching danglers and hair accessories, she looked elegant. She stole the show with the tattoo on her back that made her look chic. She also had tattoos on her hand.

Since the venue had a lot of open spaces with lovely walkways and statues, we spent some time here with the couple. We took a lot of candid shots of them together. Hayley kissed her groom, hugged him and posed for us. It was a pleasure capturing her in our cameras.


Great fosters wedding video of Hayley and Sean

A lot of flowers were used in the decoration. The white roses, white covers on the table, and the fine cutlery made this wedding video London look stunning. Hayley enjoyed every moment of her wedding, from exchanging the vows to cutting the cake, from dancing with Sean to listening to the wedding speeches. In fact, her wedding speech was amazing and showed how much she respected and loved Sean.

Another significant part of this wedding was music. A live band entertained the guests. As expected, Hayley hit the dance floor with a lot of vigor. Together with their friends, the newlywed couple had lots of fun.
Furthermore, there was a photo booth with funny props that resulted in hilarious shots. We captured the guests with big mustaches and funny lips.

As a videographer London, we enjoyed shooting this great fosters wedding video. It was a memorable event and we hope Sean and Hayley would love this great fosters wedding video too.