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Greek Wedding Sarah & Anthony Traditional

Greek Wedding I found HD moments after what seemed like an eternity searching for the perfect videography ! My husband and i knew what we wanted but we were conscious of our type of ceremony and part- a greek wedding! Its not something that Justina and Greg had done before- but we highlighted the key pointers for the wedding and when i met with them over coffee – i knew from talking to them for 30 minutes they were the ones to shoot our big day


Greek Wedding Sarah & Anthony Traditional

First of all everything about this Greek wedding was beautiful, the bride, the groom, the location and even the guests. However, the most beautiful was the love story of the couple as rightly mentioned in a card displayed at the reception.

Sarah and Anthony got married at picturesque Gaynes Park. We couldn’t help but begin the barn wedding with a long shot of the location along its thick foliage of different hues. Anyone who sees the shot would simply gape in wonder.

Sarah is beautiful, simply beautiful. As her groom mentioned, she is stunning. She looked ethereal in her white off-shoulder mermaid gown. She has a flawless complexion which was accentuated by the minimal makeup she chose to wear on her d-day.

Anthony- he is such a sweet and funny guy. He is romantic and completely enamored by Sarah. Seems like it was so nice to watch him giving his wedding speech. Sarah and Anthony share a crackling chemistry which is evident from their shots. Just look at them during the wedding or when they danced at the end.


Coming to the wedding, this was the first time we’ve worked as a Greek wedding videographer and the experience was highly enriching.

Because we came to know the ceremonies that are performed and their significance. Did you know that best man is known as koumbaro in Greece? He is entrusted with the duty of shaving the groom, an act that shows the trust the two men share. The friends of the groom are supposed to help him to dress up.

Since Greek weddings follow the Greek Orthodox Church in which the crown, common cup and candles play a vital role. While the candles stand for Christ’s light, the wine is served in the common cup. The bride and the groom take sips of wine from it, the wine symbolizes life and the sharing of sips signifies the way they would share their life.

Almost a traditional Greek dances were a major attraction of this wedding. As the groom’s men swirled in ecstasy, we captured their silhouettes in our camera. The high point of the wedding was the newlywed couple’s dance at the end. It was sensuous, well choreographed and revealed the emotions Sarah and Anthony have for each other.

While you all know nothing is sweeter than love, nothing tastes better than togetherness. The Greek wedding film of Sarah and Anthony proved again the power of love. Finally we are really hope you enjoyed watching it the video.