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Agnes & Richard A Luxury Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Wedding

The sun was shining. A gentle breeze was blowing. Flowers were blooming around. Firstly they created the most glorious background for Agnes and Richard to tie the knot. Well, this was said in the wedding speech and we wholeheartedly agreed. As wedding videographer of this Hampshire wedding, we witnessed how nature celebrated the coming together of two souls drowned in love.
Agnes and Richard – the couple who gave a new meaning to love.

A marriage is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a person. Because the joy of discovering true love, the joy of having someone by your side and the joy of sharing everything that you have is really, really splendid and we saw how that feeling made the bride and the groom glow.

Most of all Agnes is a beautiful girl. She has a lovely smile and carries herself very well. She looked resplendent in the red embroidered gown. Even when she stood alone by the window, she had a dignified look on her face that struck me as a photographer. Not to forget the off-shoulder white gown suited her petite figure. Her wedding attire was perfect with the neat hairdo, bejeweled hair pins and her gorgeous smile. Coming to Richard, he is simply adorable. Simple and affectionate, he is honest and passionately in love with Agnes.

The Four Seasons Hotel is a lovely place. With its expansive green meadows and the gigantic structure, it became a character of this Hampshire wedding.


All the relatives and friends came together to bless the couple. The friends shared their feelings about the couple which marked the high point of the day. Now, talking about high points I believe there were many high points in this Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire wedding. Beginning from the scene where Agnes hold Richard’s hands to when the couple huge each other under the sky, there were moments that would bring tears to your eyes and make you feel how beautiful life can be.

When Agnes took the microphone and spoke candidly about Richard and her relationship with him, we knew how much they love each other.
Since the bridesmaids and groomsmen had a lovely time in the open fields of the hotel. Seems like they danced, cracked jokes and took lots of pictures. Inside the venue, people celebrated with good food and music.

As Agnes’s father say in the beginning, life is not only about difficulties but how we overcome them, we hope that Agnes and Richard would learn how to conquer problems that life throws at them and be together forever.

Finally as their hampshire wedding videographer we have enjoyed as much as they did and wish them years of joy and laughter.



Agnes dresses: Vera Wang

Photographer: Mango Studios

Wedding Planner: Matthew Oliver

Make up: Gemma Sutton

Flowers: Paula Rooney

Cake: Peggy Porschen

Band: The Black Hat Band