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Hedsor House wedding of Laura & Alex

Hedsor House  wedding of Laura and Alex

Life is strange. It creates situations when tears flow down our eyes but a smile graces the lips. It makes us feel blessed for the love we have got and at the same time feel sad for what we are leaving behind. And in between these feelings, moments are create. Moments that are immortal, moments that would always remind us of the love we have received in life. We, as Hedsor House videographer of the wedding of Laura and Alex were witness to such moments.

Dream wedding of Laura and Alex at Hedsor House

Just look at the opening shot – the couple standing together against the gigantic Hedsor House. The royal structure at Buckinghamshire is awe-inspiring. The wedding was meticulously plan. The bouquets of white flowers on the tables, the chandeliers, and the heavily carved wooden walls gave this Hedsor House wedding a classic touch. Old photographs were used to denote tables for the guests which were a unique idea.

The gown that Laura chose fitted the theme perfectly. With her bejeweled headband and statement pieces of jewelry, she looked nothing short of a princess. The groom, Alex is a handsome guy. He knows when to crack jokes and make people smile. In a nutshell, they make a lovely couple- romantic, funny, modern and beautiful.

Laura looked ethereal in her white gown. She was calm and composed till she took the wedding vows. The shiny tears that rolled down her cheeks and kissed her warm smile told a lot about how much she loved Alex. We were talking about such moments, remember? At this wedding in Hedsor House, we witnessed many such moments.

Hedsor House Wedding dream wedding Laura and Alex

The Hedsor House wedding, with its sprawling fields, winding staircases, and luxurious halls provided the perfect backdrop to capture their love story. We took a long shot of the Hedsor House along with its meadows. Against the overcast sky, the royal building stood tall in full glory.

The reception was fun. With games, music, dance and loads of banter, people let their hair down and enjoyed. The first dance was passionate which motivated everyone to join the couple. It was nice to see people bonding on the dancing floor. There were others instances of bonding that we have seen that day. Laura and her friends bonded over drinks and chitchat. Alex too had his men power with him.

We wish Laura and Alex loads of happiness and love in the life ahead. We hope they continue to dream and love and live together happily for many many years.