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Hindu wedding video of Daxina and Shaneel – celebration of emotions and colors

Red. Vibrant and passionate, dominate the scene. Add to that vibrant hues of green and yellow and you get a colorful spectrum that denotes celebration, joy, passion, and love. Yes, colors are linked to our emotions and a Hindu wedding is a classic example of how they dominate our lives. At the Ditton Manor wedding of Daxina and Shaneel, we witnessed an extravaganza of emotions and colors that we would not forget easily.


A colorful Hindu wedding video

Colors play a pivotal role in the Hindu culture and religion. Colors like red, green, and yellow are linked with love, prosperity, valor, and fertility. Green stands for a new beginning and yellow for opulence and these colors are used generously in dresses and ornaments. There are several traditions follow by the Hindus that have a larger significance in life. Applying turmeric on the face and body of the bride and the groom before marriage, decorating the hands with mehendi, and use of scare plants and leaves in the marriage, all these are meant to bring happiness and prosperity in the lives of the newlyweds.

We were lucky to witness all these events closely in the wedding of Daxina and Shaneel. The participation of the relatives and friends, the emotional ties, the cracking of jokes and sharing of laughter made these events livelier and more memorable. We have tried our utmost best to capture these moments with the emotions, the ethos and the memories so that Daxina and Shaneel can look at the video and recall those moments vividly.


Hindu wedding video of Shaneel and Daxina

Peppy music. Lively traditions. Colorful frames. It was a real feast for all the senses. To capture the ethos and the emotions behind, we shot the Ditton Manor wedding video as a collage. The hindu wedding video began with a glimpse of the venue and we quickly moved on to capture the bride, resplendent in her traditional attire. We kept on capturing the scenes as they unfolded in front of our eyes like the way the bride prepared for her big day. The customs of the lighting of fire during the wedding.

The wedding was a fusion of oriental and western styles and hence. We also included the sensational first dance and other moments from the reception. The wedding speeches made everyone emotional. However, the mood changed when the groom appeared riding a horse along with a lot of dancers and musicians. Of course, the relatives and friends had a ball dancing and cheering.

Shaneel and Daxina looked gorgeous in their wedding attire. It was impossible to shift our eyes from them. So, we have taken several shots of them from close-up.

I think it would be better for you to watch the wedding video and enjoy like we did filming it. Don’t forget to bless the newlyweds.


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