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Jewish wedding video – how to create memorable wedding videos

Do you know when wedding videos become special? When you go into the details and capture the small but important moments, when you go beyond moments and capture the emotions behind them and when you take shots that the couples would like to see again and again. Every wedding is different and so should be the videos.

As wedding videography London, we have shot many such videos and have gathered valuable experience.


Jewish wedding video – what we need to know

Every community has its own rituals and traditions which make it unique. Jewish weddings are no exception. There are some beautiful and meaningful rituals involve in them that we, as Jewish videographer, have to know to successfully shoot these weddings.

As for example, the veiling of the bride is an age-old Jewish custom that is still follow by some families. In this custom, the groom covers the face of the bride with a veil before the marriage. It signifies modesty and also shows that physical appearances are not as important as the beauty of the soul. It’s a lovely custom and romantic too. As London Jewish videographer, we have witnessed this custom and beautifully captured it too.

The place of the wedding is called chuppah in Jewish. It is a canopy which is elegantly decorated with flowers. We have filmed the couples getting married under it while highlighting its significance.

Another significant part of Jewish weddings is the wine which means joy. The couple drinks it after the rabbi recites the blessings. We always try to capture these moments as they hold tremendous significance to the Jewish people and most couples want to immortalize them.


Choosing the wedding videography style

Nowadays photo-journalistic style is very popular with people. In this style, we try to capture the moments as they unfold. Real and flowing, we capture the moments without making anyone conscious about the camera. Other styles that are also popular are natural lights, fashion, and the traditional style.

All these styles can be adopt to create remarkable Jewish wedding video. Most couples today approach us with a vivid idea of what they want for their wedding video. They often bring videos they have liked. This helps us in deciding our style with their active participation which makes their wedding video London successful.

Our team love to be Jewish videographer as we get the unique opportunity to learn their culture and be a part of their celebration. We also get a chance to showcase our creativity and experiment with the shots to make the wedding videos remarkable. We hope to work more as London Jewish videographer and be remember for our outstanding work.


Please have a look at beautiful Jewish wedding filmed by our team




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