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Taabish & Rupa | Sheraton Park Lane | London wedding video

Some couples don’t always consider videographers and don’t see it as a priority but if there is any advise I can give anyone getting married; please invest in a videographer! Watching back our video bought back memories that still photos could never have done and we are so so grateful for that.
Justina and Greg, it was an absolute pleasure working with you and we are honoured that you agreed to shoot our wedding day.

Taabish & Rupa | Sheraton Park Lane | London wedding video


Firstly Tabbish and Rupa’s London wedding video was on the 16th of August 2014. The venue for the wedding was at Sheraton Park Lane.

The elegant and beautifully decorated hotel made the event. All the more eventful and it really warmed the hearts of many.

This is where the bride and entourage were having their decoration. While the groom is having his do at the parent’s house.

When preparations for a wedding are underway. A lot have to be take into account among them the décor.

Since this happens to be one of the most important aspects of the wedding. Because the theme and colours have to sort of rhyme. Well, the decoration was undertaken by Essential Wedding Hire and they do a great job! The décor was on point and this have the guests gushing over it from the time they arrive to the time they left.

As with many London wedding video. There usually have to be a pre-wedding shoot on  film. The couple had their at the Witterings Beach in West Sussex County.