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London Wedding Videography

London Wedding Videography: Staying classy

Firstly London is one of the greatest cities in the world. A hub of commerce, art and power. Home of celebrities, politicians and royalty. A city constantly looking ahead, moving forward, never losing momentum. Something big is always happening in London. Thankfully, the city has not lost touch of its past in favour of today’s blinding speed.

The best example of this is the architecture. Wherever you look you see magnificent and imposing structures such as the Claridge’s and The Royal Exchange London. Structures, that make ideal venues for beautiful weddings.

While they provide a sophisticated environment that oozes quality and grandeur. These are the kind of weddings that either adopt a classy simplicity or an exuberant style. Usually the choice of style goes hand in hand with the couple’s personality and imagination.


If central London feels like the ideal location for your dream wedding then your options are endless.


Grand halls, ballrooms, parks and even the river Thames can host you and your guests on your special day. Whatever your choice, attention to detail and timeless elegance is guaranteed.

Nonetheless, whatever the theme, whatever the venue, London weddings are always special and amazing to film.


We wouldn’t exaggerate if we say that filming in this fast paced metropolis is nothing sort of a London Wedding Videography  dream.


Either the busy streets, the people, the wonderful views and even the iconic red double-decker buses make for a very visual experience. This sensational feeling is transferred to the weddings, setting them apart from anything else.

Even if you have never be invite to one, it is not hard to imagine what a wedding like that feels like. The imposing atmosphere, the fine white lace of the wedding gown next to the deep black of the groom’s tuxedo. It all feels important, grand, like history is being written…

Finally as they say a picture is worth a thousand words, being wedding cinematographers we have access to precisely that. Hence you don’t have to stick to your imagination or our description, you can just have a look at some of the weddings we had the pleasure of filming.