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Lost Orangery wedding video at Euridge Manor Castle Combe

Colorful Asian wedding of Priyanka and Karim

Shooting Asian Lost Orangery wedding video is always fun. Colorful, vibrant, musical, and emotional, every moment is filled with so much action that you simply get carried away. As videographer London, I have shot many Asian weddings and love the culture and the traditions. I enjoyed shooting the wedding video of Priyanka and Karim too.


Priyanka and Karim – a beautiful Asian couple

First of all, let’s introduce Priyanka and Karim. Tall, fair and slim, Priyanka is beautiful. For the wedding she wore traditional Indian attire, lehenga-choli, along with heavy pieces of jewelry, following their tradition. Karim looked handsome in his formal attire, a western suit.

The guests presented colorful motley with both Indian attires like sarees and lehenga-cholis adding color to the event along with western outfits like gowns, making this wedding a real feast to the eye.

The wedding was a blend of western and eastern traditions with earthen lamps co-existing with western table decoration. At Lost Orangery wedding video, where they got married, the ambiance was an eclectic one with music, colorful costumes, emotions, and drama.


Lost Orangery wedding video

The venue, Lost Orangery is a huge one with sprawling meadows, beautiful arches, towering buildings and bricked walls. It has its own charm which we have tried to capture in this wedding video London. The place was decorated with lots of candles, small artifacts, earthen lamps that added a warm glow to the atmosphere.

There were some moments which Priyanka would always remember. Like, when her mother broke down into tears, when her friends helped her to wear the dress or when her relatives got together to dance to peppy music.

The wedding speeches were touching. It was difficult for Priyanka to hold back her tears when her father was giving the wedding speech. However, the love of the near and dear ones soon made her smile. The guests showered her with blessings and gifts and it was heartwarming to see them hugging the bride and the groom. That’s purely Asian, you know, this show of love and care. They add life to weddings and also make them more memorable.

Priyanka and Karim took the wedding vows solemnly. Since it was a blend of Asian and western customs, Priyanka changed into a black gown that made her look more glamorous. She danced with her groom, much to the enjoyment of the guests who soon joined them on the floor. The rest of the evening was spent on bonding with people, dancing and enjoying the music. The food was great, so was the cake.

From our team of wedding videography London, we wish Priyanka and Karim a long and successful married life.