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Maggie & Niall An American Girl and Her English Love Cambridge Wedding

Cambridge wedding- the union of Maggie and Naill proves ones again that love knows no boundaries and thrives in adversity.

Two people born in lands far apart were join together in holy matrimony. Under the roof of The Church of Our Lady and the English Martyrs in Cambridge Wedding. The journey the couple took was not an easy one but. As I am sure they would agree, it was well worth it.The beautiful love story of an American girl, Maggie, and her English husband. Niall is, much like many other love stories, eventful difficult and filled with obstacles.

We would say that if it was meant to be it would be.
As Naill confessed “there were many times particularly at the start that I thought we were crazy”.

Maggie and Niall Cambridge Wedding

What makes their story great, however, is that they stuck with it till the end. This couple was not going to let anything or anybody rob them of their love and happiness and so they did.In their seven year long relationship there were many times when the problems they face, would have been more than enough to end most relationships. The biggest and most threatening one was Maggie’s deportation from the UK. For two long years they would find but an hour in the wee small hours of the morning to talk on the phone. Not enough time to share their love, dreams, hopes and fears but still they pulled through.

“We would say that if it was meant to be it would be” and so it was.

So on the August 17th the well awaited and much deserved day came. At the end all that matter was for Naill to see Maggie walking down the isle in her beautiful white dress and for their friends and family to bare witness to the start of a new journey.

A wedding video might not be the real thing but we hope that we, as wedding videographer cambridge, have at least capture some of the emotions and atmosphere that flood Wedding Cambridge that day. You will be the judge.

From all of us at HD Moments we wish the happy couple a safe journey and happily ever after.

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