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Roby & Merline Pre Wedding London

Being a part of weddings; documenting that exciting journey for couples is a thrilling experience that I always enjoy. While I like filming the actual ceremony and reception party, it is the pre-wedding London shoot I look forward to the most. It gives me a different insight into the chemistry of each couple – how they are when it is just the two of them!

Simple was the buzzword from the beginning

Roby and Merline didn’t want an overly elaborate session – they conveyed that the pre wedding London video should portray how much they love each other in a simple manner as they take a leisurely walk through London. For Merline, the outfits were subtle but extremely elegant – she chose to wear a red coat and matching trousers and beige gown with glittery embellishments. Roby wore a black suit and a dark beige one, which complemented his bride-to-be’s outfits perfectly.

Enjoying pre wedding London to the fullest

You can check out the Big Ben Clock Tower and Houses of Parliament in the background as the lovely couple walks hand-in-hand. The weather is great with clear skies, which isn’t that common for London! It is nice to see them relaxed, happy, and strolling around without a care in the world – they are oblivious to what is happening, wrapped in their bubble. That is exactly what I want to capture! My favorite moments are when they walk past the wall full of graphiti, and the single of shot of Merline’s ring as she rests her hand gently on Roby’s arm. You can also see the Thames, Westminster Station, London Bridge and many famed landmarks.

Downplaying the colors

As you can see, I deliberately chose to tone down the colors, with brief flashes of red in Merline’s outfit and a guard outside Buckingham Palace. The rest of the video is a mixture of black & white and sepia modes. I didn’t want to take the focus away from the couple – while I wanted to highlight the sights and streets of London, I didn’t want them to become the centre of attraction.

All the best for future

Merline looks gorgeous in the red coat as well as the gown. She chose to keep her makeup natural, while opting for slightly heavier touchups around the eye area. Roby looks calm and dapper as he gazes affectionately at his soon-to-be wife! They make a fabulous couple with their striking features and endearing smiles.

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