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Hannah & Joseph A Elegant Wedding at The Royal Exchange London

Royal Exchange London is a dream location for photographers and videographers. A massive city fill with people from all walks of life. A fast paced, bustling metropolis full of character and history. This glorious city was choose as the setting place for Hannah and Joseph’s union in holy matrimony.

Firstly to be more specific, the venue of choice was the Royal Exchange London . A building found almost 450 years ago, which has been destroy by fire and rebuilt twice. An iconic part of London and a true testament of resilience. In some ways this building manages to describe London and its two-sided personality perfectly. It emphasizes the strong foundations that this city was base upon, but it also shows how much progress has been made after all these years.

How is this at all relevant to Hannah and Joseph you might ask?

Well, it seems that this beautiful landmark can also serve as an analogy to marriage. All couples that wish to embark on such a journey need strong foundations, which can withstand anything time and life throw at them.

Being wedding cinematographers we have seen our fare share of weddings and couples. Because wee can safely say that Hannah and Joseph are truly perfect for each other.

Since the wedding in the Royal Exchange London was beautiful and elegant but at the same time there was a lot of humour, courtesy of Hannah’s dad. Despite the imposing atmosphere the atmosphere was very friendly and little touches, such as the unique wedding cake, made the couple’s special day truly unforgettable.
As they say a picture is worth a thousand words and since that is our speciality this video has a big story to tell.

Finally from all of us here at HDMoments, we wish the happy couple a wonderful life together. Congratulations Hannah and Joseph!


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Photographer: http://www.magnoliaimages.co.uk
Dress: http://clairemischevani.com
Planner: http://www.bespoke-london.co.uk
Flowers: http://www.inwaterflowers.co.uk
Makeup: https://www.facebook.com/brideandroses
Venue: http://www.royalexchange-grandcafe.co.uk