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Same sex wedding how to create memorable wedding videos

Same-sex weddings are on the rise. People are coming out of the closet and legalizing their relationships. As wedding videography London, we have created wedding videos of many gay weddings and got a chance to experiment with our style. Here are a few tips on planning a gay wedding and creating wedding videos that may help many couples.

Make it unique

Your wedding should be a celebration of your love for each other. So plan it just the way you like it to be. From your wedding dress to the venue, from the theme to the table decorations, make the wedding as unique as your love story. Don’t try to conform to any idea. Just do it the way you and your partner want.

Give your same sex wedding a personality

Be it the wedding venue or the dress you choose to wear, render a personality to your wedding. You can have a logo of your own, created from your names and use it on the stationery or the cake. Personalize the menu to include foods both of you like. The wedding canopy can be designed with photos from your timeline. You can have important moments from your life or your relationship’s put on it. It would be a nice way to remember your journey so far and share it with the guests.

Have a signature item or drink dedicated to you and your partner. It can be made with your favorite items or the drink that both of you enjoy.

Same sex wedding videos – how to make them memorable

As videographer London, we have to be creative while shooting wedding videos but when it comes to gay weddings, we have to be careful also. Some shots need extra care to make them stand out. Traditional poses like exchanging the rings or kissing may need extra planning. We have to choose poses that flatter their body and make them look beautiful. We also have to take into consideration the family members. Some couples feel uncomfortable getting close in front of the guests. Be prepared to have a private location chosen from beforehand to shoot their private moments.

It is a great idea to talk to the couples to know what they want. If the families are supportive and the couple is comfortable with PDA, you can get creative with the wedding video London.
As videographer London, we want to make each wedding video a masterpiece and can go any length for that. Hence, we always try to experiment and come up with new ideas to shoot them. For same-sex weddings too, we have evolved our style to make them memorable.

Example of the same sex wedding video below