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Molly & Henry A Sophisticated Savoy Hotel Wedding


Savoy Hotel Wedding A Sophisticated wedding of Molly & Henry

Firstly look at the opening shot. How delicately Henry was holding Molly and she, in turn, gazed lovingly into his eyes. They were lost in each other and that’s how love expresses itself. We must admit some people know how to define love in simple words and Henry is one of them. Almost that’s the reason why we used his wedding speech in the background. How beautifully he described love. That’s the high point of this Savoy wedding and we created the entire video maintaining the spirit.

White – the color of purity, innocence, goodness and a fresh beginning dominated the Savoy Hotel wedding. From the bride’s gown to the floral decorations, from the bridesmaids’ dresses to the tables and chairs, white was everywhere, giving the wedding a touch of class, elegance, and purity.

We must mention the wedding gown.


It was a delicate creation, a backless white gown with intricate embroidery; it clung to the svelte body of Molly, heightening her appeal. Most of all id you notice her smile? The sweetest and most innocent smile we have ever seen. Molly is tall, slender with sharp features. However, what touched us was her sweet nature. No wonder, Henry loves her so much.

Because the Savoy hotel wedding, it doesn’t require much introduction. While every corner, every wall, and every brick have some story to tell. Another we couldn’t resist from capturing its beauty and also the city outside. London has a distinct charm that as a London videographer we wanted to capture through our lenses.

White roses, transparent cutlery, and candles were used to decorate the tables. Against the powder blue walls, the decorations stood out elegantly. The wedding cards, decorations, and outfits, everything looked classic and were a testimony of Molly and Henry’s fine taste. Collection 26, the wedding planner has done a commendable job.

A lot of people were invited to attend the Savoy hotel wedding.


We were elated to find so many stylish and well-dress people at the same time. The bridesmaids looked elegant in their white dresses. They had a lovely time getting ready for the wedding. With simple bouquets of white roses, they walked down the aisle with grace.

Meanwhile  guests had a great time too. With lively music, drinks, and good food, the invitees let their hair down and enjoyed the evening. Especially we capture old friends meeting after a long time and hugging each other, young people mingled with each other but the bride and the groom remained at the center of attraction.

Finally on behalf of wedding videographer London, wish Molly and Henry a world full of love, happiness, and togetherness. Let all their days be fill with love and joy.



Wedding planner Collection 26

Catering: Venue The Savoy

Wedding Cake: Abigail Bloom

Floristry: Wild at Heart

Drapery: Cover it up

Entertainment: Entourage

Videographers: HD Moments

Photographer: Nick Rose 

Wedding shoes: Jimmy Choo

Wedding dress Galia Lahav



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