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SDE video an amazing way to relive your wedding

Here’s Lesley and Steve’s SDE video was filmed and edited both on the day of the wedding

“It’s going to be over soon.” You tell yourself looking at the guests. They are busy, some are engrossed in animated talks with relatives they have met after years, some are still enjoying the cake and some are discussing in a low voice how the tables have been nicely decorated. Your friends are shouting, still excited about the speech your husband gave. Your husband, yes your just-married husband is sitting beside you, still in a trance. Suddenly the lights go off. You hear your mother calling you and you see yourself on screen hugging her.

SDE video  – the new craze in wedding videography

What you were viewing with rapt attention was the same day edit or an SDE video of your wedding. For the people who don’t know what an SDE is, here is a simple definition.

Same day edit or a wedding day edit is a short video, which is produced from the footage of the wedding shot during the day. It usually includes footage from the pre-ceremony, ceremony and the post-ceremony too. It is shown at the reception, live, to give everybody a recap of the wedding.

If you check wedding videography sites, you would come across most of them offering SDE service. Today, it is the most sought after service that most couples show interest in. Couples prefer to share their wedding day footage at the reception and getting instant feedback from the guests.

Before we get into details about same day edit wedding film and how it is shot, let us first see why it became so popular. We would jot down the history of wedding videography and find out how this current trend has set in.
Wedding videography  is, perhaps, the best way to chronicle the changing face of time. Over the years, wedding videography has gone through a sea change, thanks to technology.

Back in old days, say around the 1990s, people used to consult local wedding magazines to decide their dress, hairstyle, and even wedding videographer. Most of the videos were staged, people looked stiff and appeared in poses that may make you laugh today. Slowly, people started getting bored with this style and photojournalism started gaining popularity. The natural style became popular and documentary wedding soon became the predominant trend.


Imagine how people back then had to remain satisfied with 4X6 photos of their weddings.


Those images were carefully stored in albums to be shared with friends and relatives when they came over. Technology came in and changed the scenario. DSLRs were introduced helping people to get more creative. Printed photos started giving ways to compact discs that could be viewed in different mediums. This also gives people more options to share the photos.

At the same time, we cannot ignore the fact that internet played a key role in changing the face of wedding photography forever. People very fast switched to websites to share their wedding photos. Things got global, costs were reduced and the wedding photography industry saw a boom. More creative photographers joined in, making things really exciting. The couples today are spoilt for choice with each photographer offering his distinct style of wedding shoots.

Experienced videographers, in a bid to remain exclusive started offering services that set new trends in the market. People also started preferring more natural and candid shots. Ring shots started getting more attention, rather than the big events the small moments were given more exposure, thus making wedding videography more real life. The videos SDE also became popular with couples who wanted to have a sneak view of the full video and also share it with guests who may have missed parts of the ceremony.

The charm of the SDE video wedding film

According to an experienced videographer, around 42% of couples opt for SDEs and this number is fast increasing. Most would-be-couples check the SDEs uploaded in websites and want to go for it too. Other than this, there are other reasons for same day edits to gain popularity. Let’s find out why people are falling for it.
Usually, couples have to wait at least few months to get their wedding video. This period is marked by anticipation as how the d-day has been captured on screen. With SDE you can get a feel of how the entire video would look like.

Most guests cannot attend all the ceremonies. For them, the same day edit is a fabulous opportunity to witness the day’s proceedings on that day itself. Moreover, those who have attended the ceremonies can feel being part of it when they see it in the reception.

Your prep-ups, the shot of your mother hugging you, the way your bridesmaids helped you, previously the guests missed these moments as they were not part of it, but not anymore. Wedding film makes them a part of those moments, the moments that make a wedding truly special.


Even the bride and groom miss so much!

They couldn’t witness how their parents reacted when the wedding vows were being taken. They couldn’t see how all the guests reacted to the decoration and appreciated their choice. May even want to know how they looked when exchanging the ring, kissing and even when they were getting ready. So the SDE gives them a nice opportunity to see them when everything is fresh in the memory.

A wedding is the biggest event of our life. It’s a day that changes the course of our life and that too in a span of few hours. Doesn’t it seem incredible? Find it hard to believe, witness the events that occurred till the reception in a small video clip. That’s how you can recount how far you have come in a single day.
Heighten your joy, make the celebration more colorful with the SDE. While you are still living your dream, the same day edit wedding film allows you to see the moments that are the hallmarks of the day. It’s like a dream within a dream.

Some couples cannot afford a fully edited wedding video, for them, the SDE is the best option as they can get an edited video clip of the wedding that can be shared online, in social media just after the wedding.
Creating an SDE video – expertise and experience matter most


Creating an SDE video is not easy.

It requires planning, great videography skills, and experience too. An editing team does the editing on-site and produces the clip at the reception.  Just imagine that a lot of hard work goes into it. We come across many same day edits in the websites that look stunning. So natural, so emotional and yet so classic! If you wonder how those SDEs were created, you got to talk to your wedding videographer.

You are opting for a same day edit wedding film, try to be normal while the camera is rolling. Look your best, stay positive and follow the instructions.

Consult your same day edit with us and let’s create an SDE video that you and your guests would love to talk about.