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Tamil wedding an extraordinary combining modernity with tradition


” Tamil wedding – Just got our wedding highlights and they are amazing. Truly professional in their work throughout our events and delivered as expected. Cannot recommend them enough. Very creative in their work and their work speaks for themselves.”

Let’s admit it. When we first got the assignment to become wedding videographer of Neera and Kirishan’s wedding, we were elate. We have created videography of before and knew how colorful and exciting they usually are. This time we got a chance to witness a Tamil wedding and we expected it to be pretty fun too. 

Tamil wedding of Neera and Kirishan – the best of both Indian and western culture by

The Tamil Wedding. Everything about this Tamil wedding was unique. Neera and Kirishan being settl abroad for years have become modern. Still they decided to tie the knot in the traditional way, much to the pleasure of their families. However, they also had a reception next day to celebrate with all their friends. They chose an extraordinary place for the reception which was the in Surrey so we began the videography with a shot of the couple beside a Mercedes-Benz itself.

Neera is a beautiful Tamil girl. She is svelte, with big eyes and a gorgeous smile. On the day of her wedding she looked charming in her traditional Indian attire, complete with saree, flowers and gold ornaments. Kirishan is a simple and honest guy. He has an enigmatic smile that reveals his golden heart.

As the day progressed drama unfolded.


Because the groom arrived amidst much fanfare. Conventional Indian musical instruments were play to welcome the groom. The groomsmen danced and made the occasion worth remembering.

The mango leaves hung from the door, the flower decked wedding hall, the smell of sandal wood, incense sticks and everything associated with the marriage seemed so meaningful. We kept on shooting with our camera, capturing the poignant moments.

The guests were all decked up in traditional outfits and lots of jewelry. The presence of Ganesha, the elephant god made everything auspicious. In front of fire the couple chanted holy prayers and tied the knot. Both Neera and Kirishan went through the elaborate wedding rituals with sincerity and even enjoyed the rites they had to perform.

In the reception, relatives and friends fondly spoke about the couple. Neera looked resplendent in a white sequined saree that draped her slim figure perfectly. Kirishan must have missed a heartbeat or two when she smiled at him.

Every is characterize by peppy music and dance moves.


At the wedding reception, also there were people along with the couple dancing to popular Indian numbers. It was fun watching the newly-weds trying to keep up with the people on the dance floor. Everybody seemed to enjoy, so did we.

Finally the wedding Surrey of Neera and Kirishan merged age-old Indian tradition with western culture. It showed us that everything in this world is transitory except love. We wish Neera and Kirishan a world of love, happiness and joy.



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