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The wedding first dance – make it the best performance of your life!

Wedding first dance- around a hundred pairs of eyes are fixed on you as you step on the dance floor. “And here we are in heaven, for you are mine at last” plays at the background and suddenly all your friends start clapping their hands. It’s time to live up to the moment and show your dancing prowess. You know a lot is riding on it as this is your first wedding dance. Are you prepared to steal the show?


The wedding first dance and all the excitement around it

It’s the first dance. No matter how cool you try to take it, but it would remain the wedding first dance. It is the dance that all the guests wait to watch. It’s the dance that may become the talking point of your wedding. It is the dance that you would like to remember for ages.
The first wedding dance has always been very important but with rise in wedding videography and couples planning everything meticulously, a lot of expectation has got attached to it. Nowadays, almost all couples practice their first wedding dance before and some even join dance studios to make it as perfect as possible.



Plan your wedding first dance

Yes, to enjoy the first dance yourself and make sure that everybody does so, you need to plan it. Unless you can dance like Elvis Presley and have a dancing pro in your partner, it is not easy to pull off a romantic show that would make everyone clap. Here are a few first dance ideas that may make the task easier for you.



Choose the song rightly

Yes, the first step towards a memorable first dance is the song itself. Choose something that both of you love. Popular numbers like At Last by Etta James are all time super hit as first dance songs. Other songs that you can choose are By your side by Sade or Can’t help falling in love by Elvis.
If you want to surprise your guests, go for something peppier. What about something from Dirty Dancing? Well, you can surely make everyone sit up and join you on the floor with such a romantic number.



Choose the song after discussing with your partner.

Both of you should be comfortable with the pace and the beat. The song must express what you feel for each other.



Get it choreographed

This is the new trend and a lot of wedding photography companies are there to help you out. You can join a dance class to get the steps right. If one of you has two left feet, a choreographer can be of great help to dance romantically in front of the wedding guests with confidence.



Pay attention to the length

You cannot dance to “My heart will go on” even if you like it very much. The length matters my friend. So choose a song that lasts around 2-3 minutes. Always remember that guests may lose attention if you choose a too lengthy song. Keep it short but intense.



Practice and practice

That’s the secret to a memorable first dance. Get your partner and practice for at least a couple of months.



Practice in wedding dresses

What if you trip on the tail of your wedding gown while dancing? Your stilettos may make you look nervous while dancing on a shiny floor. So, put on your entire wedding attire and dance. Even your hairdo should be done as you plan to check that you look perfectly elegant even while dancing like mad.



Keep the moves simple

This is a tip that most wedding planners want the to-be-wed couples to follow. While practicing it may be okay to have a few intricate steps and show your dancing skills to the crowd but remember that on that special day you have to remember so many things that you may forget the steps. Moreover, you may get tired easily also. So, keep things sweet, simple and close to your heart.



Be confident and simply carry on

You may have forgotten a step or your partner may have goofed up also but can anyone find it out? No, so just carry on and dance confidently. A few missed steps won’t matter as long as you are enjoying yourself.



Let the DJ play your version

Today a lot of versions of popular songs are available and so make sure that the DJ has a copy of the version you would be dancing to.



Make it special for you and your partner

Yes, people would be watching you closely and you need to pull off a good show but remember that it is actually about you and your partner. So make it special for both of you. Use the first dance to reconnect to your partner. Look into each other’s eyes and dance. Forget the world when you hold each other.

Enjoying your wedding first dance should be your priority. Make it intense, romantic or funny but enjoy it so that whenever you watch your wedding film you would know that you had a great time.