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Videographer London HD Moments feature on LoveMyDress Blog


As Featured on LoveMyDress Videographer London


“Happy Friday lunch time lovelies! As is custom here on Love My Dress. We’re treating you to a little lunch time wedding film to fill you hearts. Today’s beautiful film is send in by Greg Frankowski videographer London of HD Moments  .It involves the beautiful love story of an American girl, Maggie, and her English husband. Niall – who meet in Vegas. Their wedding took place in Cambridge earlier this year, and their love story is, as I’m sure you’ll agree, rather breath-taking. I just know you’re going to love this one. Maggie shares a little more about this beautiful little film…”

“When I have a look into wedding videos, I know it have to be exceptional, because some of my nearest and dearest couldn’t get all the way to England from California and most importantly my grandma and grandpa in Florida weren’t in good enough health to travel. So I want my wedding video to make them feel like they were at the day as much as possible. I want them to see the video and it evoke the same emotions that those attending have.

”HD Moments videographer London is by far the best I could find and although we have to stretch our budget we knew that this was something that was well worth it. We speak to Greg about our story for about 15 min but judging by the video you’d think Greg have know us all seven years we’d be together. We are so happy with the video and will cherish it for years to come.'”

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