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Wedding speech everything about giving the perfect

Wedding speech – when Andrew rose to give the best man’s speech at his best friend David’s wedding, we crossed our fingers. We knew Andrew is not a good speaker and since the morning he has been telling everybody that he is nervous. Andrew began his speech by thanking David for making him the best man as he was never best in anything. His speech was strewn with such one-liners that made everybody laugh. We wondered how he managed it.

Wedding speech – the integral part of every wedding

Speaking in public is not an easy task. Ask the father who had been practicing for the last three weeks a wedding speech for his eldest daughter. Every time he goofs up he gets more nervous. However, no matter how much we detest it, wedding speeches are an integral part of our weddings. Moreover, people love to listen to them. It is the perfect opportunity to thank people who matter to you. Through wedding speeches, we can say things that we don’t normally. Like the father, who was always known for being strict with his children shared in a wedding speech how he missed the little girl who spilled milk on his office suit. As you can guess, the daughter cried and the father too, much to the amazement of everybody present there. So, that’s the charm of a wedding speech. It can be funny, serious, friendly and emotional. It bestows upon you a grave responsibility to make the wedding day truly special for those people who are your closest.

The traditional wedding speech – rules and customs

The tradition of wedding speeches is quite old. Moreover, there was a strict order to be followed which usually began with the father of the bride raising a toast to the newlyweds. He thanks the guests for attending the wedding and welcomes the new husband in the family. This is followed by the speech of the groom who thanks the bride’s father and the guests too. He compliments the new bride and his best man. He also thanks the bridesmaids and toasts them.
The best man is the next person to deliver a speech. He is expected to toast the groom for toasting the bridesmaids, shares some comments on the groom, reads out messages from friends who could not attend the wedding and finally toasts the bride and the groom.
The final speech is usually reserved for the bride or the chief bridesmaid.

Wedding speech – get creative, set new rules

Following the order of the speeches makes things boring. Today, most people give this tradition a miss and make wedding speeches interesting by inviting others and also changing the order. Who matters to you most should be asked to give the wedding speech, that’s the spirit most people believe in. In one of my friend’s wedding, her grandmom was asked to give a speech. An octogenarian, she gave a short, crisp speech on how to make a marriage successful. With a deadpan face, she gave the most outrageous advice one could learn and became the star of the evening. That’s the point. Do something unique to make the wedding memorable. In most wedding nowadays people also include the bride to give a wedding speech. Some opt for a joint bride and groom speech or separate ones, depending on the time they want to devote to it. So, take your pick. Decide on whom to ask to deliver the wedding speeches.

Giving the best wedding speech

It takes a really good speaker to give a spontaneous speech. We, the mortals have to prepare them, remember them and deliver them without a glitch. Does it seem an improbable task? Not really if you follow a few basic rules.

There are certain tips that apply to all the speeches. They must be short and interesting. With 4-5 speakers and each speaking for at least 5 minutes, the total time comes around to 20-25 minutes. It would be difficult to hold the attention of the guests for such a long time. So, each speaker should take ideally 3-4 minutes. As a wedding videographer, I have seen plenty of people sleeping through speeches if they get too long. So keep 4 speeches, at the most.

It is always better to write down the speech and practice a few times. You would get an idea of the time you would be taking. At the wedding, refer to the paper if you feel nervous or cannot remember the lines. Make sure that you give pauses between the one-liners to allow people to laugh and get back to your speech.
Let’s begin with the father of the bride speech which is usually the first speech of the day.

Father of the bride speech

All eyes would be on you as you rise to the occasion. Begin your speech by introducing yourself. A small joke at the beginning would help you to relax and grab the attention of the guests too. Welcome the guests and especially mention the bride’s mother and the groom’s parents. You may share a few anecdotes from your daughter’s childhood. Whatever stories you choose, keep the language light. Share with everyone how proud you are of your daughter. The groom deserves a special welcome. You can do so formally or with any funny incident. You may tell how you first met him and what the impression he created.
Being the elder speaker, you can throw in some practical advice on marriages and how to be a good husband and wife. People would lap up every bit of suggestion as long as you do not offend your wife.

The groom speech

Now, this is supposed to be the most awaited moment of the evening. It is obvious that you would feel nervous with all the bridesmaids watching your every move. The best way to handle it is to begin with a punch. Maybe a joke on how you feel looking at your beautiful wife. Yes, always remember that your speech should be more about your newlywed bride than anyone else. Tell her how special she is to you. Beginning with “My wife and I” would make everyone cheer you. You must be sincere about the compliments you pay her. A balance between fun, sincerity, and emotion makes a grooms’ speech perfect. Talk from your heart, thank everyone for coming and especially the wife and her family and don’t forget the bridesmaids.

The best man’s speech

This one is tricky. As a wedding videographer, I have seen many men goof up their speech. As the best man, your speech should be funny but tasteful. Don’t get carried away to say anything that hurts the bride or her family. If you are the brother or best friend of the groom, you would know a lot of secrets but you cannot share them all in a wedding. So, go for funny incidents from school or college but stay away from jokes related to sex or past affairs.
In most cases, you would be the last one to speak at the wedding, make sure that people don’t get bored.

A wedding is the most important day in the life of a man and woman. The people closest to them make the occasion more memorable by sharing their feelings. Thus the importance of wedding speeches would never wane; they may just change form and become more modern. If you are invited to give one, make sure that you give the best wedding speech that would have an everlasting impression on everybody’s mind.