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Wedding Speeches Advice – Who to Get to Do The Speeches

Best Man VS Maid of Honour

There’s nothing more captivating than capturing people’s reactions to speeches. Highly anticipated, they bring out all kinds of emotion in people, whether it’s clutching your belly in laughter or sobbing your makeup into a napkin. Deciding who will perform your speeches on the big day is a big decision, as you will want to achieve the right balance of emotion, comedy and embarrassment! Why not break tradition and experiment; who knows, the maid of honour’s speech could be even funnier than your best man’s.



Every speech has a story; about you as a couple or about the bride and groom as individuals.
Best man – You can always count on the best man to unleash one of the most embarrassing stories of your partner. He’s been through a lot with the groom – just think of the stag! – so naturally a wedding seems like the best time to reveal all, surely? Be careful; our advice to the best man is if the story is funny and totally relatable to you as a couple, there is no harm, but you also don’t want sensitive guests such as the grandparents knowing the best man found you both in that ‘compromising’ position one time…


Maid of Honour – The maid of honour will also have a collection of stories to tell. One thing that she tends to be good at is keeping secrets, so it can probably be guaranteed that those embarrassing stories will stay away. *Deep breath*. Instead, she might choose to tell a really heartfelt story about when you first got together, how in love you were, and it will certainly be emotional. She might let slip the way you used to talk about him, and all those hours on the phone gabbling on and on. It may be a good idea to avoid this as there will certainly be at least one red face in the room as a result.…



If you’ve been given that daunting task of writing a speech, or have given someone the task, finding a professional writer or wedding planner to draft your script may be a good idea (particularly if you want to avoid awkward moments). Finding a professional writer or wedding planner to draft a speech may be a great idea.


There’s nothing better than having a good cry at a wedding (for the most part it’s what they’re for) and besides perhaps the ceremony, speeches tend to get the most emotion out of guests! Documenting guests’ emotions also makes for a memorable wedding video, but choosing the right person to spark this emotion is tricky.
Maid of honour – The maid of honour is likely to be an expert in all things emotion! She will have spent plenty of time talking to the bride about the relationship, whether it’s helping through arguments, doubts and of course listening to endless stories about the couple’s love. She will also have pinpointed the exact time she knew the bride had fallen in love and will definitely bring this up. Cue the tears.


Best man – Often, the modern day man is less equipped to deal with the emotional aspects of speeches (obviously, not all!). The best man and his groom may not have gone through the same emotional journey as the maid of honour and her bride. However, he will have definitely seen the positive changes in the groom and as he may not get as soppy, but the best man can certainly evoke emotion in your guests.

Figuring out who gets to make a wedding speeches can be a daunting thing! Fortunately there are plenty of experts out there who can help you on the way, such as professional wedding planners.



Best Man or Maid of Honour?

Still not decided? Why not have both; they can certainly balance each other out nicely. As long as one doesn’t try and outshine the other!
Why stop there? Break tradition even further and ask other members of your wedding party to perform a wedding speeches.
The Father of the Bride is another important part of the speeches, but if your dad is anything like the typical embarrassing dad, he might crack out some totally unrelated jokes that no one understands.
You could instead ask the mother of the bride, or mother of the groom. They will have some beautiful things to say, after all, you are their children.