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Wedding trends bride inspirations 2015

Weddings are usually amazing and a lot of time and energy is require for the purposes of making the event a success. This calls for a number of service providers who go on to provide their services in regards to your theme and budget. Before you go looking for them. You need to have come up with a couple of wedding ideas that will give your décor people an idea of your theme. There have been new wedding trends that have come up so if you lack interesting ideas, maybe you can borrow from these.

For starters, the British style has invade most wedding decors and this is where you see tables being adorne with only a vintage lace cloth or not covere at all. With this style, you also get to see lush garlands being turn into runners and floral centerpieces hanging from above. Guests are usually given buttonhole flowers or nosegay bouquets as they arrive and when they are seated at their specific tables. They later get to enjoy homemade scones and jam.

In the wedding trends 2015 is a sense of modern luxe that most brides gravitate towards. It involves clean color palettes that have got bolder accents. This is in regards to varying shades of ivory or white characterized by a burst of black and white together with a punch of emerald green and poppy red. Brides can also opt for monogrammed napkins, geometric place settings or sculptural flower arrangements. That will show sophistication especially when set in the evening.

Classic elegance has also made a comeback and it includes;


  • Lavish fabrics
  • Formal floral arrangements
  • Butler service
  • Formal tablescapes
  • Candelabras
  • Dramatic cakes
  • Soft lighting among others



The above mentioned usually come into play when couples decide to have their wedding outside in the evening. When this happens, a touch of glittering blush gold is add and centerpieces are replace. With champagne towers and you might also consider surprising your guests with an ice cream truck at midnight. Flowers usually make an event look beautiful which is why you should consider top blooms such as dahlias. Hydrangeas and ranunculus among others as your to-go-to favorites. This is because they spell romanticism and are also dramatic as well as versatile.

Most décor service providers have also pointed out that some brides usually don’t get enough of greenery. Because of this, herbs like lemon leaf, ivy, magnolia leaf, smilax and maidenhair fern together. With rosemary and mint are usually strung together and apply in surprising ways!

Consider applying the above-mentioned trends and you will be glad that you did from HD Moments