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Wedding videographer 10 tips for hiring

Choosing the right wedding videographer is one of the most important things for the day of your wedding. Your wedding video would be the most important and cherished object of your wedding which you would like to show to all your guests, and later you would show it to your children. Thus, it is very important to hire a very good wedding videographer who can capture the most integral moments of the day with ease and create a beautiful wedding video.

However, it is quite tricky to choose the perfect wedding videographer as there are plenty of wedding videographers and video production companies available in the market. When you are choosing a wedding videographer, the most important thing to see is whether you like the style of the wedding videographer. You can watch a couple of trailers to understand if you like his style. If the trailers are able to touch the chords of your heart and you feel somewhat emotional, then you can consider the wedding videographer for making your wedding video.


In this article, we will talk about some helpful tips for hiring a wedding videographer:


1. Start researching as early as possible:

The earlier you start researching about your wedding videographer, the better your chances are to find the perfect wedding videographer who will match your style and expectations. After carrying out some good amount of research through the internet, shortlist some of the wedding videographers. Watch the trailers of the wedding films they have made and see if the trailers can emotionally move you. You should also research about the education and experience of the wedding videographers.

Finally, after the work of a wedding videographer catches your interest and you are keen to hire him, arrange a meeting with him. You must meet the actual person who will be shooting your wedding and not his assistant.
You must keep a list of important questions ready for him. Some of the questions that you should ask him in the first meeting are as follows:
You must keep a list of important questions ready for him. Some of the questions that you should ask him in the first meeting are as follows:

• How many years experience you have in wedding videography?

• Have you ever worked with the photographer whom I have hired? (Provide the name of the photographer)

• Will there be any more videographers to accompany you?

• What will be the production style of the wedding film? Will it be cinematic, vintage or documentary?

• Which parts of the wedding day would you film?

• What type of camera do you use?

• How do you generally incorporate music to the wedding film?

• What are the packages that you offer?

• How long do you take to deliver the final video? Will you show me a finished sample?



2. Hire early:

After conducting research on a couple of wedding videographers and taking interviews of them, hire the wedding videographer who has managed to impress you the most. Many brides leave the hiring part for the last couple of days before the wedding. You must understand that the best wedding videographers get booked very quickly. So, instead of postponing the hiring process, hire a good wedding videographer as early as possible.
When you hire a wedding videographer a couple of weeks before the day of your wedding, it would be easier for both you and the wedding videographer to understand each other. The wedding videographer would understand your expectations regarding the wedding video and you will understand the pattern of his work.



3. Do not forget to check some sample videos of the wedding videographer before you hire him:

It is extremely important to look at some sample videos so that you get an idea of what you will get if you hire this particular wedding videographer. Nowadays, every professional wedding videographer has their website. Thus, you can see their sample work on their website. Watch a couple of videos and while watching, pay attention to the overall picture quality, transitions and composition. You should also pay attention to the audio quality. Make sure that the sound quality, especially during vows and speeches is good.



4. Choose a company that provides customizable service:

A good video production company will strive to offer customizable service instead of the same approach to all clients. The video companies who provide client-driven services follow the latest trends and thus, their videos are more advanced and modern.



5. Hire a wedding videographer who has an amicable personality:

While hiring a wedding videographer, consider his personality, way of talking and appearance. It won’t be a nice idea to hire someone who is arrogant and rude. The wedding videography must have an endearing personality so that he gets along well with all the guests present on the day of your wedding. The appearance of the wedding videographer is also equally important. You should tell him what you want him to wear on the day of the wedding. If more than one videographer shoots your wedding, then do meet the other person also beforehand.


6. Talk to the wedding videographer about the special effects, mood and style that you are looking for:

Wedding videography is all about capturing the moments and presenting them with special effects and style. You should talk to your wedding videographer about the expectations that you have from your wedding film. You can bring some samples to show him exactly what you are looking for. Ask the wedding videography about the special effects that they can offer. Only when you are convinced about his working style and special effects, you should hire him.



7. Ask the video production company about the various video styles they offer:

Nowadays, most video production companies offer modern video styles such as Couple Stories, Save the Dates and Vignettes. Another hot video trend nowadays is Cinematic Weddings. Thus, you should choose a wedding videography who can provide you these latest trends and styles. You can hire a wedding videographer who uses HD cameras and has a good amount of knowledge in techniques of cinematic editing.



8. The wedding videography should not be obtrusive:

It would be much better if you hire a videographer who has some experience working in television. They are more likely to know the right etiquette and how to stay unseen. You should clearly tell your wedding videographer not to interrupt guests with several questions. A nice wedding videographer can stay unseen while capturing all the important moments of the wedding.



9. The video production company must be able to offer HD (high definition) throughout the wedding video:

Most video production companies offer HD but the quality is not good always. You should make sure that the wedding videographer uses the latest HD camera with a resolution of 1080p.



10. Stick to a budget:

Before going to meet the wedding videographer, decide how much you are ready to spend on your wedding video. Stick to the budget so that the wedding videographer cannot lure you with expensive packages. Since the money would be refundable, read the terms and conditions properly before hiring the videographer. Ask for special promotions and discounts from the wedding videography.


If you will follow these 10 tips, then you will surely be able to hire the perfect wedding videography for the day of your wedding. Do not forget to start your research early and watch as many as sample videos that you can. When you are convinced of your choice, hire the wedding videographer quickly before he gets booked.