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Wedding videography HD Moments – How we work

When it comes to planning your special day, the last thing you want to worry about is if your wedding videography is doing their job. That’s why when we arrive, we start working and prepping the day before we even arrive to give our greetings and start snapping.

No surprises!

A seasoned wedding videography, like HDmoments, will have a checklist to go through to make sure all the equipment is in working order. Everything cleaned and dust-free, and tested to make sure there are no surprises at the time of your big day.

We know just how crucial time is and being prompt to make sure everything is running as smoothly as you intended. That’s why we take extra care to ensure we are there early and ready to go. If the wedding reception location is far away from our own headquarters. We will go the extra mile of staying at a nearby hotel to speed our commute time.

Making magical moments

An often neglected, but very important aspect of wedding videography is doing the research on the bride and groom. Hearing their stories, learning about their beautiful family, and what their personalities are like. This is ideal for setting the correct mood and using the right approach for capturing the wedding as they imagined it.

This includes: setting up pre-wedding ceremony shoots with the bride and groom. Capturing the décor, flower arrangements, and how all the colors interact with each other. We understand how much time, money, and passion goes into the designing of a wedding. So we do our best to capture every little detail that was intended.

Centre Stage

After all the preparations are complete, we then move onto making sure we have the stage set for the big performance at the ceremony itself. All the planning here is where it matters most. Making sure everyone knows their place and what they are doing is key to creating the perfect wedding videography. Rather than just being the guys on the sidelines. HD Moments  will confer with the priest and registrar to make sure everything is perfect.

As the bride descends down the aisle, we will have one camera trained on her approach. While another is pointed into the back of the crowd to capture the reactions and tears flowing in happiness. Our videography goal is to be right in the mix, without being notice or distracting you from your big day. It helps that our equipment is modern, compact, and doesn’t need any external power sources.

Act 2 of the wedding

When the ceremony completes, our job is not done. We then move onto the after-party life and capture the cheers and well-wishes of all the wedding guests and family members. This is a time to let loose and get everyone’s reactions to the whole extravaganza.

Generally, we try not to film people eating and enjoying their private time. I will try to be as non-invasive as possible. This, of course, doesn’t include the celebratory cutting of the cake. We love seeing the candid, playful, and sometimes surprising moment of the lovely bride and groom sharing the first slice of a glorious cake.

Capturing the wedding videography toast is probably the second most important part of the entire day. That’s why we also coordinate our wedding filming plans with the planners and the new couple. We know how common it is to have audio issues or bad lighting during the toast. That’s why we check to make sure everything is as balance and professional as possible. It is dually important to make sure the speeches are audible. Because we then take those speeches and use them as a narrative in our final wedding films.

Wrapping things up

The final act of our busy day. We will be dedicating at least two hours of our tapes for the wedding dance. Catch your special moment together, with everyone’s faces of adoring happiness. When the slow dances end and the boogying commences, we break out our steadycam to get in the mix and find out who has the best dance moves on the floor. This is where we can add different lenses and effects to take advantage of the lighting and let the party’s energy. Dictate the shots.

Wedding videography HDMoments

We think you’ll appreciate our share passion for wedding days, the quality of wedding videography, and capturing love on film. HDMoments works as a team, not as just another “camera guy” because we know that miscommunication is the last thing you want to happen when you’ve only got one shot to get it right. We can rewind the tape, but we can’t rewind the clock on your wedding day. I want to start your new marriage off right: to live, laugh, and love without worrying about things going wrong, especially if it is something that is out of your own control.