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West Sussex wedding at Bignor Park – Bryony & Richard

“Well we are lost for words. HDMoments captured everything we wanted, they are such a great team and really down to earth people. Many of our family and friends have loved and cried to our wedding trailer. There is no other then HDMoments there work speaks for itself.”


It is always fun to shoot an outdoor west sussex wedding as the locations and sights of an outdoor west sussex wedding are so beautiful. The gorgeous couple, Richard and Bryony got marry in Bignor Park, West Sussex on 1st August, 2015. The Bignor Park wedding venue was extremely beautiful and spectacular. It is nestled in the lap of nature. The verdant greenery all around made the ambiance of the west sussex wedding so beautiful.

Firstly it was a spectacular outdoor west sussex wedding. As a videographer, we had a great time capturing the gorgeous couple, Richard and Bryony amid the lush greenery of the Bignor Park wedding venue. The lovely moments of the wedding has been perfectly capture by Ali Paul Photography.

Since the couple exchanged wedding vows in the verdant venue. They looked perfect as they held hands. We could see plenty of kids present at the wedding. They looked very happy and cheerful running and playing around the venue. We can see all the guests having a great time at the wedding of Bryony and Richard.

Bryony looked beautiful and angelic in the wedding gown. Richard looked very handsome in the wedding tuxedo. They looked into each other’s eyes as they exchanged the wedding vows. They held hands throughout the time they were exchanging the vows. Bryony and Richard looked like a match made in heaven.

It is an outdoor West Sussex wedding, we also captured some beautiful moments of the couple in the lush greenery when they were walking hand in hand and when they kissed each other lovingly.


While those romantic hd moments are surely the highlights of the wedding video Sussex. Richard’s wonderful wedding speech made Bryony emotional. She looked at him emotionally with her eyes brimming with love for him. Bryony and Richard is a very romantic couple. The reception is colorfully decorated. The colorful decoration added more warmth and cheer to the reception. There were a lot of happiness and merriment in the reception of Richard and Bryony. The couple danced together lovingly. Their friends also danced and grooved to the peppy music which was being played at the reception.

Finally we can see happy faces all around in the wedding video. As Richard and Bryony walked amid the green carpeted venue, hand in hand, we marvel at how perfect they look together. As the Sussex wedding videographer, we had a wonderful time capturing this spectacular outdoor wedding of Richard and Bryony. The Wedding videographer West Sussex would like to wish this gorgeous couple a great married life.

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