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Winter London Wedding – Johanna and Deniz

“Thank you so much!What a brilliant video. You captured everything beautifully. Your work is so special and like nothing we’ve seen elsewhere. Thank you so much! We love it. You’ve got us to excited to see our full video.”


Life is a big jigsaw puzzle and love is the most vital piece that not only completes it but also makes it beautiful. However, lucky are those people who find true love in this life. Johanna and Deniz make such a lucky couple who not only found true love but also celebrated it in a grand way. As videographer London of their wedding, we also felt lucky to know this couple and the lovely tradition that they upheld.


A marriage that highlighted love, tradition and life in Winter London Wedding 


Johanna and Deniz got married at Greenwich Painted Hall London which is a glorious place with a classic look. The huge paintings on the wall and the rich décor created the perfect backdrop for this magnificent wedding.

Everything about this winter London wedding was well-planned- the decoration, venue, and even the date. Johanna and Deniz got married just before the Valentine’s Day, to maintain the family tradition. Her mother and even her grandmother got married on Valentine’s Day. Yes, you read it right, this is the way to celebrate life, love and even your loved ones. It also showed how loving and thoughtful the couple is.

Johanna is very beautiful, romantic and softhearted. The way her voice got choked while taking the wedding vows must have brought tears in the eyes of the guests. She wore an exquisite white gown with intricate embroidery. With the diamond studs, wedding headband and white bouquet she looked every bit of a princess.
Deniz is a nice and simple guy. Do you want to know how much he loves Johanna? Just look at him when Johanna entered the ceremony along with her father. That look and the way he kissed her and held her tightly in his arms would tell you how much he loves his bride.

The guests had a lovely time at the wedding. With candles and white flower arrangements it looked like a dream winter London wedding. The guests danced, enjoyed and blessed the newlyweds.

I just want you to watch this video that we shot as wedding videographer winter London wedding and believe in love, dreams and have faith that all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle with fall in place.