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Winter Wedding Theme Article by HD Moments Videography

Wedding experts love winter wedding wonderland-themed weddings. There is just something special about crafting a wedding around the holiday season, especially. If you are planning for the next winter, it’s never too early to start now. Getting the best wedding cinematography will rely on having a clear vision, and the best way to achieve that is to plan every detail very slowly and methodically.


Where you should start, even before you decide where you want to host your wedding, is how you would like your wedding to feel and the type of environment you wish to have. Think about it like you would a director in a film or any videographer doing wedding film. An eye behind the lens, you could say.

What colors do you want to dominate your winter wedding theme?

Are you going for a fantasy setting or a more modern wedding with solid colors and hard lines?

Let’s break some of these questions, and more, into a clearer picture of what your winter wedding theme should look like.

Popular Winter Weddings

When thinking about your color palette for a winter wedding theme, you could go the traditional route and design it around the red, white, green Christmas colors, but try not to go too heavy on them, unless you plan on recreating Santa’s workshop. Some nice silvers and crystal textures will go nice with just about any winter themed wedding.

These glamorous textures will show through nicely for your videographer in West Sussex, for example. Wedding videos in Essex also prefer contrasting the region’s color pallets of greens, blues, and sometimes greys with stark textures like a satin or crystal shimmer.

Try to keep your floral choices in-mind, too, when finalizing your wedding colors. This will ensure you have perfect harmony for the best wedding video and most memorable reception ever.


Finishing Touches

After you finally decide on a strict color palette for your wedding. You can begin incorporating what type of wedding attire you wish to have you and your guests dressed in. You could accent your selection of lighter blues and whites with darker, bolder colors worn by your guests.

Even the best videographers will tell you that too much of the same temperature. In a small space won’t transfer well on film. It actually becomes more of an eye strain to try and separate suits and arrangements with the background. Even if you think it looks great in-person.

By the time you have all your essentials hammered out, you should start looking at locations. Some popular venues for a cinematic videographer include: at a park, private yacht, historic architecture/residence, or any spacious venue with a working fireplace to illuminate your special day and night.

Don’t forget, how you arrive and leave is important in sealing that fairytale moment. You can’t go wrong with the classic horse and carriage or vintage luxury stretch limo. If you really want to make it special, go for the classic car rental service – live like a King or Queen for a day in a Rolls Royce or Bentley, just like the ones you see the Royal Family or Presidents driven around in.