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Cap Rocat weddings of Jessica and Ignacio

Is it the Mediterranean breeze or the royal palaces that dot Mallorca that makes you feel so romantic? Or maybe it is in the vineyards or the street food that make you want to come back here again? Whatever be the reason, being in Mallorca makes everyone happy and if you are attending a Mallorca wedding, rest assured you would be coming back with loads of memories.

Cap Rocat Weddings

Firstly etting married in Spain is a dream for most modern couples and Jessica and Ignacio also harbour the same fantasy. They chose Cap Rocat as their wedding destination. We were lucky to be a part of this holy union as their videographer. We have been to Mallorca several times to shoot wedding videos and were already in love with this place. Thus, for us, it was more of a pleasing experience than an assignment. In their Cap Rocat wedding video, we have tried to capture all the things that make Mallorca so special. So, you would find clear blue sky, sailboats lined up by the shore and the iconic skyline of Mallorca along with its cobbled lanes, palm grooves, and gigantic cathedrals.

Wedding Jessica and Ignacio – a romantic affair in Mallorca

Let’s talk about the romantic wedding of Jessica and Ignacio now. Jessica is a lovely lady. She is not only beautiful but also warm and friendly. She looked striking in her sleeveless v-necked white ball gown. With her hair neatly tied in a bun and matching jewelry, she stole the limelight with her grace. Ignacio is a handsome man with a subtle sense of humor. He was a game when it came to posing for the camera and hence you would find some romantic shots of the couple on the over-bridge and the cobbled lanes of the city.

We began the Cap Rocat weddings video with shots of the towering cathedrals and the harbor that never ceases to mesmerize. The wedding venue was painstakingly decorated and it was interesting to watch the experts meticulously adorn the tables with flowers created by Alago Events

The guests had a lovely time enjoying the Mediterranean climate. They danced, chatted, drank and enjoyed all the ceremonies. The wedding speeches were emotional which showed how much the couple is loved by the friends.
Jessica and Ignacio enjoyed their wedding thoroughly. While taking the vows, Jessica glow and it was so nice to see them together.

At the end we took a lot of shots of the couple with their friends and relatives. The whole day was spent in fun. The live band add to the thrill.

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