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Wedding Videographer Hampshire – Catherine & Alex


“First of all – thank you so much for the link to what we’re sure will be the greatest wedding video of all time! (Well, it WILL be for us). Your work, once again, causes us to say “WOW!” when we see it and we can’t wait to see your talent running through the full video. We are SO glad we booked you and Justina!”

On the 14th of December Catherine and Alexander set sail on their wonderful journey together. All who were there bare witness to the beginning of their exciting voyage.
The couple showed their love for the navy and the sea by their choice of venue. Alexander is a captain and Catherine is a Navy doctor, hence choosing St. Mary museum Portsmouth as the setting for the reception was rather fitting.

The elegant bride and handsome groom made sure that their special day would be perfect. Unsurprisingly their efforts ensured that their wedding day would be unforgettable for everyone.
The naval theme was carried out through out the whole day.

From Alexander’s uniform and the ceremonial swords to HMS Victory, the setting gave a feeling of grandeur and importance and we wedding videographer Hampshire were so lucky to capture that.

It intensified the feeling of the friends and family who were lucky enough to be present.

At the end what really stood out were not the swords or the uniforms but the look on Catherine and Alexander’s faces during the ceremony and the emotional speech given by Catherine’s mom.
It is clear that the happy couple has the patience, endurance and tenacity to fight for each other under any conditions or circumstances. It is not hard to imagine how wonderful the rest of their lives will be together.

From all of us here at HDMoments Wedding Videographer Hampshire, we wish Catherine and Alexander a beautiful life together and a marriage that will always be ship shape.