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Emily & Pierre Chateau Wedding in France

Chateau Wedding  France of a lovely couple – Emily and Pierre at Château de la Beuvrière

It is jaw dropping. Yes, the first scene of the wedding video France would leave you open-mouthed. While exploring the place, we fell so much in love with Château de la Beuvrière and its adjoining green lands -verdant, serene and virgin that we decided to make it the opening shot of the video. Of course, the decision met with opposition as there was many such equally amazing footage taken at the wedding in France.

Chateau Wedding France of Emily and Pierre in France – the mecca of love and romance


There is something in French air. I always feel it. It makes one romantic, dreamy and hopeful. It also helps to realize the greatest wonder – the life we have got as a gift. The coming together of Emily and Pierre and getting unit for the rest of their life is a testimony to that wonder.

We have shot their wedding film France highlighting the drama. The emotions ran high at the wedding and we have tried our utmost to capture them. Like when Emily’s best friend breaks down while delivering her speech or when Pierre holds Emily and starts kissing her passionately.

The wedding was a different one. We knew it would be the moment we met the couple. Emily and Pierre were different. They wanted their wedding to be relaxed. The vast open grounds of the Château de la Beuvrière hosted the wedding. The natural beauty of the place didn’t require much decoration. It was a vegan wedding attended by their close friends and relatives.

The French air made everybody relax, and savor in the beauty of the place.


White and pastel shades dominated the wedding. Emily, slender and tall with an unusually warm smile, wore a white transparent gown with self-embroidery. Pierre matched her attire with an off-white colored suit. The bridesmaids were also in embroidere gowns, looking resplendent in that natural setting.
There were many cheerful moments at the wedding. I liked the one where all the guests were blowing bubbles while Pierre kissed his newlywed bride. Emily’s friends shared some loving memories of her while the guests enjoyed the banter.

The wedding was planned meticulously. Natural objects were use to decorate the tables. They gelled well with the natural setting of the place. Emily and Pierre looked so happy together. They danced, kissed, and enjoyed the company of their friends and made the day special.



Planned to perfection by Matthew Oliver

Photography by Ben Yew

Dress Hayley Paige

Flowers  Chataigner Fleurs

Food  Gentle Gourmet



Featured on  Style My Pretty &  VegNews