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Engagement ideas for new engaged couples

Getting engaged to be married is a big deal. But coming up with novel and well-thought out engagement ideas is hard. You only have one shot, so the pressure to do it right. Couple with the fear of being let down is insurmountable. You could go all out and hire a wedding videographer to capture that special moment or you could just wing-it and recreate one of those clumsy, embarrassing TV moments.


There’s nothing wrong with the latter, but it’s safe to say we all wish for that fairytale setting with some creative videography to capture it forever. Here’s our favorite marriage proposal ideas that might help you get the perfect reaction from the one you love.

Classic marriage proposals


Revisiting where you and your love first meet is a very popular stage for a proposal. Nostalgia is like a drug and tying your proposal speech together is much more natural and powerful. You could go for a vintage filter or reenactment of the scene when you both first met with a professional wedding videographer in West Sussex.

Of course, the holidays are a prime opportunity for creating new memories. While reminding each other of those special moments shared together. You could tie your engagement ideas marriage proposal with Thanksgiving. At the table, together with family as witness (and possibly let in on the whole idea) or Christmas. When everything look and feels a bit like a dream, anyways.

Finally, there’s New Years, where you sneak the proposal and the ring right as the ball drops on Times Square. Videographers in UK specialize in piecing these seemingly pedestrian moments together with the backdrop of powerful imagery. That makes everything so much more memorable.

Creative marriage proposal ideas


Leaving a trail of clues requires a bit more work than just choosing a date and location to make the proposal. But the build-up and seeing your loved one’s wheels spinning and eyes light-up as they figure out your master plan. Everyone loves surprises, reliving that face of multiple emotions and expressions with the best wedding cinematography . It’s one of those things that quickly goes viral online. A little added bonus to the lifetime of happiness with the one you love.

Achieving this little adventure and subsequent conclusion can be reach in various ways of love notes, coded messages, or maybe tying together. Pop culture references that happened around the time when you both met or christened your relationship.

You can leave hints without tipping-off the big plan, just things or thoughts that trigger familiarity, nostalgia. This tactic is much more impressive than the direct approach of leaving a physical trail. To notes lying around that lead to an address or injecting the message into a gift or common belongings.

Remember, no matter how much you plan in-advanced or memorize your lines. It is unavoidable to feel nervous or anxious until you finally blurt out those four special words: “Will you marry me?” Although, lots of planning engagement ideas and thought will certainly improve your quality of delivery.