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The Four Seasons Hampshire Wedding – Josefina & Adnan

Firstly the wedding of Josefina and Adnan took place in the beautiful The Four Seasons Hampshire Wedding on 8th August, 2015. It was a beautiful wedding of a couple completely in love. As a wedding videographer, it’s always a pleasure to capture the wonderful wedding moments of a lovely couple like Josefina and Adnan. The wedding video wouldn’t have been so perfectly. Made without the beautiful work of Steven Duggan Events Planner and Nadine van Biljon Photography.

So the venue of the wedding was spectacular. The lush greenery surrounding the Four Seasons Hampshire Wedding looked gorgeous. The Four Seasons Hampshire Wedding was a grand affair. We can see Steven Duggan working as an event planner in the wedding. The decoration of the reception hall was magnificent with the perfect lighting. Beautiful flowers and gorgeous centerpieces. The tables were decorate aesthetically.

We can see the beautiful bride, Josefina getting ready with a pretty smile on her face. Josefina looked angelic in the wedding gown. As Adnan and Josefina exchanged the wedding vows, the guests present in the wedding looked at them with a lot of happiness. Josefina and Adnan became emotional as they took the personal vows. After exchanging the vows, they kissed each other tenderly with a lot of love. They looked perfect with each other. The guests cheered for them with a lot of enthusiasm.

The place where they exchange the wedding vows was decorated beautifully.


Josefina and Adnan took lots of pictures with their friends. The bridesmaids also looked very pretty and happy. Hand in hand, the couple walked after the wedding. Josefina and Adnan are made for each other.

Since the reception of Josefina and Adnan was full of cheer and merriment. We can see the guests grooving to the peppy music being play at the reception. There was a lot of singing and dancing Which made their reception a fun-filled one. Josefina and Adnan danced with each other intimately. The smile on their faces while dancing could clearly convey how happy they were with each other.

While there were also beautiful fireworks in the reception of Josefina and Adnan that brightened the ambiance.

As the loving couple was cutting the royal wedding cake together. Fireworks could be see in the sky. Josefina and Adnan looked at the fireworks with reverence. It was a beautiful reception night and a lovely wedding day.

Finally wedding videographer Hampshire enjoyed a lot capturing the lovely moments of the wedding of Josefina and Adnan. We would like to wish the lovely couple a very happy and blissful married life.

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