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Video Tutorials Emmy London by HD Moments videographer

HD Moments videographer, Deciding a bridal look is not easy. Every bride knows how hard it is to choose between a headband or hair clips, or how harrowing it gets to decide whether to wear a veil with a headpiece. Firstly to make things easier for brides.

Emmy London has come forward to share short tutorials on choosing the right accessories for the perfect bridal look. While Emmy London being known for its premium wedding accessories and shoe collection has come up with four key looks. Namely, art deco, delicate, botanical and signature vintage rose.

The eminent designer, Emmy Scarterfield would share how the headpieces from particular looks. Can be wore to create the most gorgeous bridal look.


Experimenting with fashion helps in creating a style statement and HD Moments videographer will help you to find a right look.


Thus, Emmy London presents its stunning collection of headpieces inspired from the deco era. Made from silk organza on which Swarovski crystals and mother of pearl shells are stitched. Since these pieces can add glamor and glitz to any bridal wear. Baguette and silver seed beading and teardrop crystals are added to these pieces to make them catch the fancy of women.

Available in different styles like headbands, fan-shaped hair combs or hairpins. You can get the pieces that suit your hairdo and wedding attire.

Emmy London aims at creating a complete look for a bride. Hence, it offers headpieces, shoes, belts and clutches in different styles. Choose from its extensive collection of accessories from different styles. If you love the glitz of the 80s, go for the art deco style.

However, if detailed artwork appeal to you, choose the delicate style. If you love floral designs and want a soothing colorful touch to your bridal look. Go for the botanical style.

Emmy London has made the task of choosing the style and accessories easy by coming up with small tutorials on wearing the right accessories.


These styling videos would elaborate how to wear different accessories with different hairdos. Moreover, Emmy Scarterfield has also demonstrated in these videos how versatile the accessories are.

They can be wore in different ways depending on the hairdo you choose for yourself.

With the help of a fabulous team from HD Moments videographer. As a result Emmy London has put together a series of videos showcasing its collection of bridal accessories that can match any style you select.

Whether you are going for classic, vintage, modern or futuristic style. Seems like you can always find the right piece to complement your look.

Emmy London has also shared the links to the accessories they have used in the videos by HD Moments videographer. Maos of all you can visit their boutique to check out more.

Finally with these videos, you can get the confidence to make the perfect selection that would rightly complement. Especially your dress and make you look amazing on your d-day.

Emmy London Hair Accessories Tutorial: Signature Vintage Rose

Emmy London Hair Accessories Tutorial: Botanical

Emmy London Hair Accessories Tutorial: Art Deco

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