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Indian Wedding Culture Traditions


Indian weddings are strongly connect to Indian wedding culture traditions. They are always centered on the union of the two families. All the flavours and colours that make this country beautiful come together to commemorate and celebrate this union.
Family and tradition dictate Indian wedding culture traditions. Small and minimalist weddings are not really what they are all about…


Firstly with the main focus being family and the community. It is not uncommon for a wedding to host hundreds or even thousands of people. It is impossible for an Indian wedding to go unnoticed. Whether is in New Delhi or in London. How could it not? There is always an abundance of flavour, colour, music and dancing. It really is a sight that will stick with you forever.

Being cinematographers we’ve had the pleasure of filming Indian weddings on numerous occasions. It’s afe to say that they are some of the most demanding. Seems like all the way from the pre-wedding rituals to the reception, from the henna to the bright red saris and the multiple lavish courses, there is always something going on.

Nowadays, Indian weddings culture traditions have caught the eye of non-Indian couples as well.


Meantime the bright colours the beautiful flowers and the exquisite food serve as inspirations to non-Hindu couples that love the atmosphere Indian weddings have. On the other hand there are also Hindu couples that choose a more European style for their weddings. Last but certainly not least there are the adventurous couples that simply choose to do both. Because we had the pleasure of filming the wedding of a lovely couple that had two weddings, one of them being Indian. That was a long weekend… but also one of the best we ever had as wedding cinematographers.

At the end of the day that is what makes weddings special occasions. Another they are comprise of so many emotions… sadness, happiness, fear, excitement… they distil the essence of life in one single momentous celebration. In that respect Indian weddings perfectly capture life and all its beauty. We are just thankful that we have the chance to experience and capture all this through our lenses.
Finally if you haven’t had the chance to experience an Indian wedding culture traditions before, please take a look at our portfolio. Our work will make words seem feeble.

Photography by David West