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A heartwarming Nigerian wedding in London

“I found HD Moments when searching online. We saw a lot of potential videographers but we knew they would be able to capture all the key elements of our special day. Everyone has loved our trailer and we have something we can treasure for life. On the day they were so professional and extremely discreet. The service is great and you receive your memories in such beautiful packaging. We are so glad we went with them. You should too!”



Simple. Touching. Heartwarming. That’s how we would describe this Nigerian wedding that we videographed in London. And why shouldn’t it be with Louise and Julian being such emotional and simple human beings. Not only the couple, the relatives and friends of them are very emotional as is evident from the way they poured their heart out for the bride and the groom. When the wedding speeches were delivered, there was perhaps no one who didn’t shed tears. As their London Nigerian wedding videographer we felt honored to know this couple.


Wedding videography of Louise and Julian – hearts full of love and wishes, Nigerian wedding

Louise is a sweet girl. She is honest and very open about her feelings. She is a favorite of her friends as we found out from their Nigerian wedding speeches. Her friends helped her to get ready and even cracked jokes to entertain her.

For her wedding she chose a white off-shoulder gown. Her makeup and flowers complemented the outfit but it was her gorgeous smile that made her look so beautiful that day. We are sure Julian must have fallen in love with her again after seeing her in that attire.

Julian, as his friends described him, is a good guy. He is honest, loving and very dependable. His wedding speech was enough to let us know what a golden heart he possesses. And when it comes to Louise, he is a smitten husband. When both of them started with their first dance, the entire crowd kept quiet to honor their feelings for each other.

At the church wedding, when the vows were taken, Louise could not control her tears and they flowed down her cheeks, showing how much she loved Julian.

The Club Langley London, where the wedding reception was held, was tastefully decorated. With the company of friends, relatives, good food and music, the place came alive.


At the reception, when everybody hit the dance floors, sparks flew everywhere. Along with the newlyweds, the bridesmaids, groomsmen and their friends and relatives danced till everybody felt exhausted. It was fun to watch them breaking into jigs and squeals of laughter.

People bonded over food and took photographs of every event. They cried along with the couple and smiled at them lovingly. There was joy and cheer and everything that is needed to make a wedding memorable.

This London wedding with its share of tears and smiles showed how life is made up of these two and it depends on us to choose to be happy. As their London videographer, we wish Julian and Louise many years of love and togetherness. We wish them joy and laughter and hope they retain their simplicity and innocence.