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Northbrook Park wedding of Bilal & Milagro

Firstly videographing weddings are an amazing experience for me. No matter how many ceremonies I attend, all are special to me in their own way. As a wedding videographer (Surrey), I was overjoyed to create a montage of the wedding ceremony of Milagro and Bilal. It was a winter wedding, but the outside chill did nothing to dampen the mood of the lovely couple and their guests. Loved ones had come to celebrate a Northbrook Park wedding, and the joy that radiated through their smiles was a testament to that. Norhtbrook Park is great place for wedding videography.


Meet the bride!


Milagro looked exquisite in the white dress that accentuated her curves at the right places. The white bodice was padded slightly at the hips and narrowed at the waist. The sleeves were made of sheer material with eye-catching floral motifs. She opted not to wear a veil, but the stylish hair accessory more than made up for it. She looks stunning, doesn’t she?


The dashing groom


Finally Bilal, the groom wore a black tux and white shirt, complete with a bow tie. He looks handsome and poised as he gets ready to hold the hand of his beloved and begin the journey of a lifetime. The way his eyes light up and he says “You look amazing!” – everyone will agree that he is madly in love with his soon-to-be bride. His choice is excellent in terms of jewelry as is evident from the gorgeous sapphire and diamond ring on Milagro’s finger.


The ceremony at Northbrook Park wedding and  what followed…


The couple wrote their own vows and as you can see from this wedding video, the guests are struggling to maintain their composure – there are very few dry eyes in the audience. Even Miagro can’t hold back her emotions! It is just incredible, the love and affection this couple have is a rare find these days. Guests had loads of fun as well – you can see them chatting, gorging on the tasty cuisine, dancing and having a gala time. The father-daughter dance was especially touching (her father officiated the wedding). But the cheers were deafening the moment the couple took to the floor – their dance mesmerized everyone! The couple lovingly fed each other. That was heartwarming to witness indeed.


We as HD Moments, hope to click many more weddings in and other parts in the state, so if you are interested to get in touch with me, please give me a call or drop off an , and I will get back to you ASAP.