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Outdoor Cambridge Wedding -When love conquers all differences

“At first we weren’t sure about having a videographer, as we’d already gone way over budget, but looking back now, it wasthe best decision and investment we made. We checked out a number of different videograpers online and we fell in love with HD Moments style. They don’t just film beautiful scenes, we love the way they tell a story. Justina and Greg captured everything so naturally. On the day we hardly noticed them, yet the final result was perfect. The attention to detail they put in is outstanding. We could not be happier. Thank you so much for everything. We will treasure our videos forever 🙂 highly recommend.”


Love is a strong feeling. Every now and then it proves that by making people overcome all differences even borders to unite with each other. That’s what happen with Maria and Chris and we felt proud to know this lovely couple who hails from different countries yet has united for their lives.


A unique outdoor Cambridge wedding

Firstly the wedding of Chris and Maria was unique in every way. They come from two different nations, China and English and got marry in Cambridge. It was a civil wedding that happened outdoors.

We decided to treat their wedding film differently and started with a scene where the couple is seen together out in the fields. The wedding speech aptly highlighted the importance of love and the role friendship plays in it.

The South Farm Royston was beautifully decorated. The sprawling fields, lovely flowers and white chairs formed a colorful background to this Chinese outdoor Cambridge wedding.

Maria wore a white gown with embroidery that hugged her petite figure. As their Cambridge wedding videographer we took several shots in the outdoors. However, we liked the one in which the couple dances against the setting sun. It beautifully captured their feelings for each other. White roses, beautiful floral cards and Chinese origami created a lovely backdrop against which Chris and Maria took their wedding vows.

The ring ceremony was a simple one yet it was poignant with all the guests cheering the couple. Both Maria and Chris expressed their love and admiration for each other in their speeches. The bridesmaids looked resplendent in their purple dresses and had much fun posing in front of the camera with the bride.

The reception was a fun fill one where everybody enjoyed outdoor Cambridge wedding. The place was tastefully decorate. The rustic theme prevails and with bubbles and flowers the place took on a more cheerful look.


However, the focal point of this Cambridge wedding was the first dance. Maria and Chris danced to At last Etta James, much to the joy of the crowd. They danced elegantly and perfectly. With so much romance and fun in the air, it was impossible for the guests to restrain themselves. Thus they cheered and applauded the couple generously.

Amidst much fun and frolic the wedding ended. Each one left with loads of memories. However, we are sure that Chris and Maria would always cherish this day and remember their wedding vows. Finally we wish them joy and happiness and hope that their love would only multiply with time.