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Savoy Wedding Film of Noemi & Adam

Classic Savoy wedding film of Noemi and Adam in London


London – the city of palaces, grandeur, and elegance. When Noemi and Adam approached us to shoot their London wedding, we decided to pay our tribute to this lovely city. Adam and Noemi are modern but traditional in their choices. They wanted a classic and elegant wedding. Since they chose Savoy Hotel as the wedding venue(7 Points You Should Ceck Before Booking Wedding Venue – click here) and us as their wedding film studio, we decided to create a classic London wedding video.

Noemi and Adam- an elegant couple

Look at Noemi and Adam and you won’t be able to shift your gaze. Yes, they are so beautiful and elegant that it is difficult to forget them. They are kind and warm-hearted which adds to their charm. Noemi, a pretty woman with a lovely smile and gorgeous eyes, chose a classic white gown for the wedding. With sequined work on the upper part, Noemi looked stunning in the gown. She matched it with a bejeweled headpiece that made her steal the show easily. Adam is tall, handsome with a witty smile. He is romantic but doesn’t show that off much.


Savoy wedding film of Noemi and Adam

As a specialist in cinematic wedding films, we decided to capture the essence of the city and so began our wedding videography assignment with an aerial view of it. Just a look at it is enough to identify the great city with its iconic River Thames and the Big Ben.

Let’s give you a glimpse of the wedding in Savoy Hotel. The would-be-bride was getting ready along with her bridesmaids. The groomsmen, in the meantime, were chilling with the groom.
At the wedding, Adam gave a heartwarming speech that made Noemi melt away. When her father gave his speech, it was difficult for her mother to stop the tears.
Noemi’s father couldn’t hide his tears when he saw her in the wedding attire. That was one of the most touching moments of this London wedding. The others? Well, there were many, like Noemi walking down the aisle with her father, taking her wedding vows, and the first kiss. The most romantic shot of the video is the one in which Noemi and Adam are seen standing close against a lighted glass wall.

The reception was exquisitely decorated with flowers, foliage, and candles. The guests gathered around the couple as they danced slowly to a romantic number. Of course, they joined them too as they night got merrier.

Seldom have we witnessed such a romantic yet classic wedding. It was rich in every sense, the emotions, decoration, and above all love. As their London wedding videographer, we wish Noemi and Adam a happy and blissful married life.

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Photographer Steven Rooney
Venue The Savoy Hotel