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Why wedding video is indispensable for your wedding?

Why wedding video is indispensable for your wedding

When it comes to planning your wedding you probably want to make the most of your budget. If you are planning a wedding on a tight budget, it means that you have to plan everything carefully.

It also means that your dream day will not consist everything you have dreamed about.

Easiest way to make your wedding affordable is cut something out. Do not take a hasty decision to leave out wedding video.

Wedding videography prices are not low and it might be seen as an unnecessary expense. Nevertheless, benefits in hiring videographer for wedding are tremendous.

“So, why exactly I should have wedding cinematographer cost included in my budget?” Well, plenty of reasons.

First and foremost, wedding day is one of the happiest days of our life and should be thoroughly documented. Memories of that big day will vanish throughout the years.

Do you really want to forget it or relay only on your memory with this one? Probably, you do not want to miss your own beautiful wedding video.

Some of you might make mistake and decide to hire just a photographer. “Why should I hire wedding videographer, whereas I have wedding photographer instead?” Someone may ask.

Answer is very simple. Motion, sound, emotions and more is what wedding videography will capture and wedding photography will not.


Do not take a hasty decision to leave out wedding video.

What does a wedding videographer do?

We have already mention that getting married is one of the most important days of your life. It is an essence of your relationship.

Certain part of your love story. Walking down the aisle, saying the vows, first dance etc. Really, significant moments.

Where is there place for wedding videographer? What is the role of wedding cinematographer in your wedding? To tell the story.

Surely, there is option for you to make your own wedding video or you might want to ask uncle Bob to take care of wedding cinematography, so he will tell the story. But, are you sure it is a good idea?

He will be definitely cheap wedding videographer. In my opinion, making video for weddings is form of art and requires a lot of knowledge, so if you are certain to give that important task to amateur that is your risk to take.

Professional wedding videographer with the right equipment, experienced in white-balancing and trouble-shooting will guarantee beautiful, romantic wedding video.

Memento of your big day should be marvelous not mediocre. Professional wedding videographer knows what to focus on to meet even the most demanding expectations.

Videographer for wedding create memento for you. Planning an entire wedding, what moments capture in which angle, what unexpected can happen etc. All that is something that wedding videography is providing for you.

Moreover, making wedding video should be discreet, hence you can enjoy yourself and barely notice the crew. Wedding videographer should respect tradition and behave at every type of ceremony, Hindu, Jewish, Greek, Catholic, Anglican, Same sex and civil ceremonies. Of course, videography crew will be as inconspicuous as it possible.

Why hire a wedding videographer?

If you think that you do not need wedding video as memento of your big day, make yourself a test. Watch a movie, then after 2-3 weeks try to write down everything you remembered, then watch the movie again. How many details do you remember will unveil how many things you will forget in 2-3 years after your wedding.

Time passes quickly, all the details, decorations, make-up, flowers, family and friends dancing at your big day will fade away.

Photos will partially substitute wedding video, but it is not the same. Furthermore, by watching you wedding video over and over again you will notice every tiny detail that you have overlooked.

When you will look back over years to come, you will be able to re-live those magical moments. How nice it is to share your wedding day with the people you care about the most.

Perhaps, your close friends where not be able to arrive at your wedding or you will want to show your wedding film to your children and grandchildren. How nice it would be to show them wedding video that make them cry?

Generally, wedding videography is not only great opportunity to reminisce but also to strengthen your marriage. Watching your wedding video on anniversary or without special occasion will remind you about commitment you made to one another.



Memento of your big day should be marvelous not mediocre.

Do I need wedding videographer, if I have wedding photographer?

If you are still unconvinced, after all information above, think about wedding photos as a single moments. A picture of you when you are saying the vows or of your first dance are sensational.

But, what about hearing your vows again or seeing your first dance again. What you think is much powerful? Emotions and joy of the day cannot be conveyed by wedding photography. Only wedding video can record all the details as well as sensations.

I agree that there are also things that wedding photographer can provide and wedding videographer cannot. Hence, it is best to have them both and leave out something else if necessary. Something that is less important for you, for instance or DJ instead of wedding band. It is opt to you.

Where can I find a wedding videographer near me?

When future bride and groom are looking for wedding video service they type into Google phrases such as: “wedding videographer near me“, “Videographer London based”, “wedding films uk” or “best wedding videographers uk“.

is something that you can do all over the world. We are based in London, UK, however we record wedding video also abroad.

We made destination weddings in multiple locations, for example in Mallorca, Cancun and Stockholm. We will travel all over the world to create a beautiful memento of your wedding day.

We always listen carefully and have individual approach towards every customer. We have large experience in making wedding videography in many cultural circles, please see examples – ,
. Our job is to create and we do our job with pinpoint accuracy.

If you still hesitate whether to hire a wedding videographer or not, . We will answer your questions and resolve your doubts.