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Wedding video Greece – the union of two great souls Ingrid & Markos

Wedding Greece video – Thank you so so much for such incredible videos!! We are overwhelmed and all our guests that have now seen the video said that they didn’t even know videographers were there. Justina and Greg have been a dream to work with and the imagery they have captured is better than a photographer. I don’t know how they were everywhere at the same time! So professional everything from the first contact to recovering the beautiful CDs and USB with the films on – their attention to detail is incredible.

Wedding video Greece – the union of two great souls, Ingrid and Markos

The waves of the Aegean Sea lashing against the coast of Syros, the tower of the church visible through the palm trees. A sweeping view of the city from above- don’t all these sound cinematic? Too beautiful to be true? They do. That’s how we wanted to remember the Greek wedding of Ingrid and Markos and filmed it to highlight the poignant moments that were also its milestones.

We shot the wedding with a different mindset. We mixed them with the shots of the island and its various landmarks. Actually, we couldn’t resist ourselves. Syros is such a lovely place with breathtaking views that it is difficult for a wedding videographer to resist.

For the guests, the wedding was an opportunity to relax. Enjoy the natural beauty of the place and bond with the people. So, everybody was in great mood, enjoying themselves.

Wedding video Greece took place inside a church.

The imposing building, the paintings on the walls, all created such an electrifying atmosphere. The vows were taken amidst the guests and friends. Markos is an honest man. He didn’t hide his feelings about his wife.

When he was pouring his heart out, his bride, Ingrid was blushing in her white gown. Ingrid is a beautiful lady. Her flawless skin, sharp Greek features, and tall slender body made her look remarkable. She didn’t have to do much to look gorgeous on her wedding day. The princess white gown along with the veil was enough to make her look bedazzling.

The scene in which everybody is lighting the sky lanterns and wishing joy and happiness. Ingrid and Markos and the illuminated yacht sailing against the orange sky and the imposing mountains are a few of them.

The destination wedding Greece video gave us a scope to meet fantastic people like Markos and Ingrid and be a part of their love story. We hope Markos keeps his promise of being the best husband and father in the world.