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Luxurious wedding at Cliveden House – a memorable event for Torey and Glenn

Torey and Glenn make a fun loving and romantic couple. They share a fantastic chemistry. While Torey is vivacious, Glenn prefers to keep to himself. However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t express his feelings. We saw how affectionate he is at their Cliveden House wedding.

Luxury wedding at Cliveden House

Torey and Glenn love to enjoy life. They wanted to have a luxury wedding and hence chose Cliveden House as their wedding venue. The historic Italianate boasts of perfectly manicured gardens and fantastic views. Located near the River Thames, it offers plenty of scopes to enjoy the riverside view. The luxurious palace was decked up beautifully to host the wedding of Glenn and Torey.


Wedding of Torey and Glenn – a relaxed and fun-filled event

Torey is a modern woman. Mature and sorted, she knows her priorities well. She is attractive with a gorgeous smile and a curvy body. She chose an off-shoulder white gown for the wedding that clung to her body and made her look sensuous. Glenn is charmingly handsome.

The luxury wedding at Cliveden House saw many outstanding events like performances by a dancing troupe. We have included clips of their awestruck performances in the luxury wedding film. We have also taken a few shots of the sweeping gardens and the installation that Cliveden House is famous for.

The open-air marriage was attended by the close friends and relatives of the couple. There was cheer and laughter in the air as the couple took their wedding vows. The couple sealed their marriage with their youngest kid on lap. Torey also walked down the aisle with her eldest son. He gave a sweet speech that moved everyone. That was the most defining moment of that day. In fact, both Torey and Glenn ensured that the children were enjoying themselves. They also spent time with them showing their caring nature.


The reception dazzled with the decoration.

Flowers, candles placed inside glass bottles, and fine cutlery made the place look rich and luxurious. Torey’s mother gave a heart touching speech that set the tone for the evening.

The couple ensured that the guests including the children had a lovely time. They played by the river, went for a cruise and enjoyed the sun and the breeze.

At the reception, the atmosphere got electrically charged as Torey and Glenn hit the dance floor. They made everyone join them and the night simply got younger with all the dancing and excitement.

Torey and Glenn have created their own heaven on earth. We hope they continue to grow with each other and enjoy their lives.


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