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Wedding Films : Chinese wedding in Hedsor House

Chinese wedding video of Regina and Jon – a luxurious wedding at a majestic location by

I love to shoot Asian weddings. There are so many colors, traditions, and shades of emotions to capture. Making the wedding video for Regina and Jon proved to be another enriching experience for me as a wedding videographer. Event took place at the Hedsor House, a place known for its magnificence, luxurious building, and beautiful sceneries. Come, let’s see the of Regina and Jon and be a part of their holy union.

Lovely couple Jon and Regina

We didn’t follow any rule when we created thea of Jon and Regina. We mixed the clips while highlighting the main events and made sure that the video looked natural, lovely, and evoked emotions.

Jon and Regina look made for each other. They are young, modern, but not oblivious to their tradition. They dressed as per their own tradition and followed all the rituals. Regina is fair, svelte, and fashionable. She chose attires that highlighted her features. She has a twinkle in her eyes and a mischievous smile that would melt any heart. Jon is a simple guy. He is serious about his relationship and wants to keep his bride happy.
We have kept a clip of the first dance at the beginning of the video. Regina sizzled in her red dress. Jon was his usual self with a shy smile hovering on his face. They danced perfectly to the tune and mesmerized the guests. We have also taken a long shot of the Hedsor House along with its manicured gardens and lawns.

We all know about the tradition of Chinese tea ceremony. It was performed with a lot of vigor. All the elders gathered to celebrate the tradition. Regina glowed in the traditional red dress. She received a lot of jewelry as gifts from the elders along with their blessings. The famous Hedsor House wedding venue was looking resplendent with the lovely decoration. They got married as per the western wedding tradition. Regina looked charming in white wedding gown. They exchanged wedding rings and sealed their relationship with a passionate kiss.

The most remarkable part of the wedding was the speeches. Jon’s friend gave insight into his feelings and how serious he was about the relationship. The parents of the couple blessed them generously. Jon and Regina both gave heart touching speeches, exactly the same as at the wedding film of  in Mexico.

There were dances, great music, and firecrackers to make the night memorable. Like Regina’s father, we hope Regina and Jon enjoy their lives together and remain prosperous, lovable and “most of all, happy”.





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