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Wedding video Venice – a touching love story in a romantic city

I consider Venice as the most romantic city on earth as no other city would make you adopt its pace and lifestyle like Venice and yet enjoy every bit of it. So, when Camilla and Tom approached us to shoot their wedding video, we were more than elated.


Wedding video Venice – a memorable affair

No one can elude the charm of Venice. Thus, our wedding video Venice began with a few shots of the iconic waterways. We couldn’t resist from filming the gondolas. We created the wedding video of Camilla and Tom as a feature film with Venice providing us with a rich, colorful, and historical background. Thus, you can see the setting sun against the canals, the seagull busy in its flight and of course the façade of the city that has earned it so much fame. When Tom kissed Camilla against this huge canvas, it was a moment to be cherished by all.

Belmond Hotel Cipriani, with its luxurious halls and verdant meadows, was the ideal place to host the Venice wedding. The wedding was a relaxed and royal affair, with people enjoying the climate, the breeze, and the warm hospitality.


A romantic wedding video in Venice

Camilla and Tom make a romantic couple. They are simple and warm. They planned a simple but romantic wedding with all their close friends and relatives. Camilla has a warm and gorgeous smile that touches the heart. Tom is handsome. Whenever they came together, we could feel the strong chemistry that exists between them.

Camilla wore a white and lacy wedding gown that enhanced her looks. With matching jewelry and the veil, she stole the show. Tom looked handsome in his formal attire. They enjoyed the wedding and each other’s company. We got plenty of opportunities to film them. Against the blue sky, the canals and the red roofs, we took some fabulous shots of the couple.

Camilla and Tom recited the wedding vows with conviction. The words echoed their feelings and touched everyone’s heart.
The reception was lavishly decorated with candles, flowers, and beautiful cutlery. The guests enjoyed the wedding speeches and there was a lot of fun with everyone wearing the masks.


In this Belmond Cipriani wedding, we didn’t have to experiment much.


The vast expanse of water, the sun and the light filtering through the windows made our task easier. We just flowed with the events and captured the moments. There were so many poignant moments like the parents giving the wedding speech or hugging their daughter.

We hope Camilla and Tom have a great life together and create more memories that they would be proud of.




Wedding planner First Venice

Photographer Serena Genovese