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Magical Caribbean wedding of Shahe and Jennifer



The Caribbean wedding never loses its charm. The turquoise water, the clear sky, warm breeze and the palm trees nodding their heads in glee, the Caribbean wedding  is romantic, laidback and the right place to tie the knot. People like Shahe and Jennifer, who are romantic and want a relaxed wedding in an idyllic setting, choose the Caribbean as their wedding venue. So, the moment they told us that they have chosen St. Lucia as the wedding destination, we knew what they want from their wedding video.


St. Lucia Caribbean wedding of a romantic couple

Small but with a varied landscape, Saint Lucia is a popular tourist spot. It is an eastern Caribbean island nation that has several tourist attractions. Its volcanic beaches, rainforests, fishing villages, waterfalls and coral reefs make it popular with people who want to witness nature in its unadulterated form. As destination wedding videographer, it was our good luck to have got a chance to shoot in this lovely location. Of course, we did justice to it and took several shots of the island to make this wedding video more attractive. The aerial shots, in particular, are stunning. The sweeping views of the ocean, the verdant rainforest, and the resort look awe-inspiring.

The video begins with a breezy shot of the palm trees to give you a hint of what awaits you. The tapering mountain peak, the vast expanse of water and the strikingly beautiful blue sky, all have become a part of this fantastic Caribbean wedding video in Villa Susanna.


Tropical Caribbean wedding of Shahe and Jennifer

There is one particular shot in which Jennifer and Shahe are seen standing on a deck against the crimson sky. This shot in silhouette looks so calming, so dreamy that I cannot forget it.

It’s time to talk about our couple. Tall and slim, with a dusky complexion, Jennifer is a charming lady. She looked radiant in her white gown. Shahe looked unusually charming with his sleek hair and a naughty smile. He gave an emotional wedding speech which we have included in the tropical wedding video.

This is one of the most relaxed wedding videos we have ever shot. The couple, their parents, and the guests were in a relaxed mood. They enjoyed the tropical beauty and took part in all the ceremonies. The bridesmaids looked bright in their blue ensemble.

As night descended on the island the wedding venue turned into a magic land with lots of balloons, candles, and flowers. The guests raised a toast to the newlywed couple and blessed them.

As rightly mentioned in the caribbean wedding vow, love never fails and we hope Jennifer and Shahe would prove that to the world.