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7 Points You Should Check Before Booking Wedding Venue

7 Points You Should Ceck Before Booking Wedding Venue

Wedding planning process isn’t an easy task. Hopefully, you’ve already choose probably the best wedding videographers ever, but what about the wedding venue?

I know that making sure that every tiny detail of your big day is exactly as you wish might be hard to accomplish and wedding location is one the first big decisions. It sets the tone of your wedding and has impact on your wedding video that will tell your love story.

This post will help you with things that you should check before booking wedding venue of your dreams.



Choosing the wedding venue that suits the best to your needs can be tricky. First impression, convincing agent or something else can mislead you in finding perfect wedding venue. It would terrible decision to book the first location you see. Therefore, pick at least three places nearby (or not if you considering destination wedding) that match your style and within your budget.

I suppose you’ve already decided how big is your budget. Also you have estimated how many guest would you like to invite, it doesn’t has to be the final list.

Finally, you’ve choose the wedding theme, you know whether you like your wedding indoor or outdoor, in modern or romantic style etc. When you’ll narrow down the list of possible wedding venues nearby and set up the meetingremember about following points.



Pricing of the venue is very individual. Hidden fees might damage your budget, hence ask twice about the fee and what’s included in the price.

It usually includes food, drinks, tables, chairs and service but of course it’s better to make sure. If you’re booking venue off-season it’s reasonable to ask for discount. Most of couples book wedding on Saturday, so if you decide to take the unpopular way, Friday or Saturday, you should also expect lowering the fee.

Some locations might refund part of your deposit when you cancel early enough. Make sure that you have everything in a written contract. Nothing is official until then.



Date is very important and it supposed to match the theme of your wedding. From my experience, you should book venue at least 10 months before the wedding. I’d like to emphasize “at least”, because most popular wedding venues in the middle of the wedding-season will be unavailable if you won’t reach them early enough. Some of the unique wedding venues are booked 2 years in advance.

It might occur that the date when you want to have wedding reception would be taken. For instance, you and your betrothed would like to have wedding in June, first question I’d ask if I were you would be – Is my wedding date available? If it isn’t, then you continue your wedding quest looking for alternatives, date or venue.

If you don’t have specific date or wedding venue is luckily available at your dream date ask whether your wedding will be the only one held there in that day. It’s crucial in case of very big weddings, you don’t want overcrowded wedding venue. Furthermore, other events at the same day can be confusing for your guest or limit access. You also don’t want to hear music pumping from adjacent hall.



Regarding accommodation, it’s convenient to have all your guests in the same place. Despite the fact that is tempting, most couples get married where they currently live. I assume that many people that you invited are out of town guests, that’s why you should consider venue with accommodation or with hotels nearby. Check how many people can location hold.

Even if capacity is insufficient or venue lacks accommodation, they’ll probably provide you a list of nearby hotels. Since you’re bringing them so many clients, it’s worth asking for some kind of discount for booking multiple rooms.

Don’t forget about parking on site, make sure that there’s enough spots for your guests and ask whether guests will be charged for parking or not. Lastly, it would be unforgettable if they have special room for newlyweds, ask them about availability.




Fee might include decoration cost but it’s better to ask. Some of you might want to decorate by yourself or by external company. In that case, pinpoint the time when you or your vendors can start setting up on your big day.

If you decided to do it by yourself (option for creative couples), ask staff for help with decorations.

Besides that, some of the wedding venues aren’t flexible regarding decorations. Therefore, they might
disagree to hang items from the ceiling like drapery and lights or put candles on the tables. If candles with an open flame are forbidden, use LED candles instead.

The Lost Orangery



Music at the wedding is essential, so check if there are any constraints regarding kind of music or a time by which music has to end. Find out if they have noise restrictions.

Moreover, if you invited many guest check how large is dance floor. Assuming that approximately half of the people will be dancing at any given time, you don’t want either overcrowded or empty dance floor. Overcrowded dance floor would be uncomfortable for your guests, therefore reconsider rectangular tables instead of round tables. It’ll maximize the space for dancing. It’s unfavorable for your wedding video when dance floor looks empty.

You should also verify space for band or a DJ. Musicians need to hook up their equipment and band will probably need more space. However, I doubt that it would be any problem. Nevertheless, better make sure about it in order to avoid any complication.

Hedsor House



Last but not least, venue should be prepared for any occasion. If your planning outdoor wedding, there must be contingency plan in case of bad weather. Also, many wedding locations have on-site coordinator who will solve any issues during the wedding reception.

Wedding coordinator will guarantee that everything’s according to plan. It’s common in case of large weddings that service of wedding coordinator is included in the price.

Find out who will be your main contact person. Make sure that person will be on your big day. If not ask who will be replacing him or her. You don’t want to be in situation when you’re frantically searching for assistance.

Your vendors also need to know who to contact from venue stuff. You want to ask about list of recommended vendors. They’re familiar with the location and will simplify planning process.


The list might go on forever, but it’s enough to follow these points and you’ll avoid silly mistakes and book your dreamed wedding venue. Wedding is one of the most important days of your life, that’s why you need to make sure that everything will be perfect. As perfect as it possible.

Below you’ll find wedding venues that we recommend and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.


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